Shivering:Door to Cyrodiil

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Door to Cyrodiil
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Console Location Code(s)
The Fringe
West of Passwall
The Door to Cyrodiil

The Door to Cyrodiil is the gateway that connects the Province of Cyrodiil to the Shivering Isles (quest-related).

The butterfly room
First impressions

On the first trip through the door, the player will encounter Haskill, who starts the Main Quest by offering a unique opportunity.

The area around the door initially appears to be a room with solid stone walls; once you have agreed to enter the Isles however, you will observe that it was actually a shelter made of a swarm of fluorescent butterflies.


  • On the Cyrodiil side of the door, it is known as A Strange Door.
  • When the Fringe is taken by Order during the main quest, the map marker for the location will change to an Ayleid Ruins icon. It will revert to a landmark icon once the main quest is complete.