Shivering:Desideratus Annius' Ghost

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Desideratus Annius' Ghost
(RefID: 00016824)
Location Vitharn Bailey
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 4 Class Warrior
RefID 00016824 BaseID 0001207F
Other Information
Health Invulnerable
(NPC is ghost)
Magicka 105
Respons. 90 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Vitharn Citizen
Desideratus Annius' ghost

Desideratus Annius is an Imperial warrior and resident of the ruined city of Vitharn, which was overrun by its own brethren centuries ago. As a result of the cowardice, inaction, and incompetence displayed by the denizens of Vitharn, their ghosts were cursed by Sheogorath to relive their final moments in perpetuity.

He wears an iron cuirass, greaves, gauntlets and boots. He is armed with an iron shortsword and carries a spare set of lower class clothing: a patched vest, breeches and a pair of rough leather shoes.

Apparently, Desideratus' whole family was killed by lunatics some time ago. As a substitute, he has directed his love to a doll, which he refers to as his "betrothed". During the Vassal's attack, he was so obsessed with protecting her that he left his post and ran into the Vitharn Keep just to make sure she was alright. During the related quest, it's up to you to stop his protectiveness towards the doll and, instead, stay in the defense line and fight.

You will find him in the Vitharn Bailey, standing next to Hloval Dreth. When the Vassals breaks through the first gate, Desideratus quickly leaves his post and runs into the Keep, over and over again.

He doesn't stay outside for very long, but if you manage to approach him, he will express his concern immediately: "My betrothed! I must save her!" or "Please! I must find my betrothed!" When you ask him about the siege at hand, he will give you the background story: "We tried to gather the townsfolk into the keep, but it was too late. I barely had time to find my betrothed and get us inside. The gate was closed behind us. I heard the townsfolk pounding on the gate. But not for long, because then the screaming began. I'm supposed to defend the courtyard against the Fanatics. I'm supposed to stop them from getting inside the keep." When you exit conversation he will say: "My betrothed must be worried sick about me."

One of the other soldiers in the defense line, the archer Althel, will tell you the sad story about Desideratus and his "betrothed", a rag doll: '0, 9. Ah, the doll. Poor Desideratus. 1, 5. Fanatics killed his whole family. 9, 6. That doll is all he has left of them. 5, 5, 9, 4." Hloval Dreth, on the other hand, is not nearly as touched by his story: "You mean that stupid doll? I think he's been blessed a little too well by Lord Sheogorath. He's on the list. Not first though. Definitely not first." The unnamed soldier near the southern gate will tell you that "Desideratus is a little too attached to that doll, if you know what I mean. They don't like to dance. It gives me the creeps." Even the biggest traitor of them all, Count Cirion, regrets putting Desideratus in the defense line: "Desideratus is a gentle fool. I never should have allowed him to take up the sword." When you ask Desideratus about his own problem, he will only whimper: "She is the love of my life. I would do anything to save her." Asking Desideratus about the other defenders will provide a bit of help as well; on Althel he will say: "Bat loves his arrows. They aren't Althel's, they're his. Bat would be betrothed to his arrows if he could. By the way, have you seen my betrothed?" On the treacherous mage with no magicka, Hloval Dreth, Desideratus will tell: "Hloval healed my betrothed once. Then he ran out of magic. He said he needed to find someone to lend him some before he could help her more."

At one point, it becomes clear that you have to go to extreme measures to get Desideratus back in action, especially if you try to just hand her over: "My Beloved! I'll carry her away to safety. Should the fanatics get her, I...I...I would have to kill them all." After that, he once again disappears into the Keep. If you choose to burn his doll in one of the braziers, he will be furious but determined to stay and fight: "You burned her?! She's gone? You have driven all meaning from my life. I shall throw myself upon the swords of the Fanatics so that I may join her sooner." If you choose to give the doll to one of the Fanatics, a devastated Desideratus will naturally pick up the fight: "She's in the hands of the Fanatics! I must save her. Stand back, stranger. I need room to swing my sword." In both cases, Desideratus will fulfill his duties and will only say: "My betrothed is gone! I cannot live without her. I only hope I can take a Fanatic with me."

In the small graveyard near the Mausoleum, two gravestones can be found. One for Desideratus where the inscription reads: "Desideratus Annius lies here, coward and deviant." The other one is for his rag doll, and it reads: "Beloved of Desideratus Annius, ragdoll to most."

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