Shivering:Deformed Swamp Tentacle

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Deformed Swamp Tentacle
Deformed Swamp Tentacle
Value 9 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue
# Samples 0
Plant Deformed Swamp Tentacle  % 100
# Plants 5
Swamp Tentacle plants

Deformed Swamp Tentacle is an ingredient that can be harvested from one of five rare "Deformed Swamp Tentacle" plants. These plants are similar in appearance to regular Swamp Tentacle plants, but the Deformed Swamp Tentacles have very different alchemical properties than standard Swamp Tentacles.

Deformed Swamp Tentacle is one of three unusual ingredients that can be given to the Museum of Oddities (the other two are Blind Watcher's Eyes and Mute Screaming Maws). You will receive a finders fee of 180 gold. Only one tentacle is needed for the quest; any additional ones that are collected can be used as regular alchemy ingredients.

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  • There are two versions of this ingredient: the variant with FormID 00043432 only occurs when the player hands over a plant as part of the Museum of Oddities quest. It has a script that changes it to the first variety when picked up thus it can only be acquired through use of the Console.


There are only five plants that yield a Deformed Swamp Tentacle. They can be found at the following locations:

  • 1 plant is in SI exterior cell (-11, -16) (map), near Pinnacle Rock. Head east along the road from Pinnacle Rock. It is attached to the east side of the first large rock on your left.
  • 1 plant is in SI exterior cell (-8, -2) (map), immediately south from outside the Gates of Madness, growing from the wall surrounding the Fringe; see the next entry for details.
  • 1 plant is in SI exterior cell (-8, -3) (map). This plant is right next to the previous one. South of the gates is a 'Hollowed Stump' (potentially containing treasure). Hanging from a large rock above the stump are two deformed tentacles. However, they are exceptionally difficult to reach; the only way is to harvest them in mid-air, either by jumping from on top of the nearby Letifer Orca plants, or with high Acrobatics skill, jumping off the large tree immediately opposite the Swamp Tentacles.
  • 1 plant is in SI exterior cell (-7, -16) (map), near Lost Time Camp. From the camp, head south along the path. Very soon, you will come to two large boulders (they can be seen from the camp). It is attached to the one on the right.
  • 1 plant is in SI exterior cell (-15, -2) (map). This is outside the Fringe's wall, due west of the Door to Cyrodiil. The tentacle is hanging in the water.
Locations of Deformed Swamp Tentacle plants