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  • Main Quest — Walkthrough for all parts of Shadowkey’s main quest

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Removed Quests

Four quests are described in the game's scripts but can never be obtained:

  • Trailslag's Pack — Return Olpac Trailslag's pack to him in Ghast's Pass
    This quest was supposed to be triggered by meeting Ivgrizt before Olpac Trailslag, but was evidently abandoned in favor of one quest no matter the order in which the events occurred - Trailslag's Goods.
  • Skelos Tharn Involved — Find evidence of Jagar Tharn's involvement in Lakvan's Stronghold, return to Skelos Undriel
    Little remaind of this quest but it was probably similar to the quests Tanyin Lakvan Evidence and Porliss Lakvan Evidence. Having two factions interested in Lakvan was presumably considered enough without introducing a third.
  • Dragonstar Gate Clear Raider's Nest — Clear Raider's Nest for Teresa Clothgen
    In the final game, the player must clear a hill of raiders before being allowed into Dragonstar. It seems that either the original task was to clear Raider's Nest or that both tasks had to be accomplished.
  • Spire Thief Confession — Free Makor from his cell
    Technically, this quest does appear as it is started and finished during the dialogue with Makor when he is a prisoner in Delfran's Hideout. Nothing appears in the quest log, however, and no credit is given. It is reasonable to assume that the existence of the quest is simply a scripting shortcut to generate the correct response when Makor is met later on.