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Shadowkey(Redirecionado de Shadowkey:Argonian)

The player can select from eight races, each with their own unique advantage.

Race Description Female Male
Argonian A highly evolved reptilian race native to the Black Marsh region. Agile and cunning, Argonians make excellent thieves. Argonians also have Merchant Sense; they buy goods lower and sell higher than other races. SK-icon-race-ArgonianF.png SK-icon-race-ArgonianM.png
Breton Intermingling with Elven blood has given Bretons an affinity for magic but hardiness is also part their heritage. Breton Hardiness quickens the pace at which Fatigue and Health are recovered. SK-icon-race-BretonF.png SK-icon-race-BretonM.png
Dark Elf Tall, dark-skinned with glowing red eyes, Dark Elves aren't common outside of their native province, Morrowind. Their Shadowed Path advantage increases their stealth and gives a small benefit to attacking. SK-icon-race-DarkElfF.png SK-icon-race-DarkElfM.png
High Elf High Elves have the purest and longest of the Aldmeri bloodlines. Their Mystic Blood advantage increases maximum Magicka and Magicka recovery. SK-icon-race-HighElfF.png SK-icon-race-HighElfM.png
Khajiit This agile cat race was native to Tamriel long before the arrival of the humans and elves. The Khajiit Cat Quick advantage allows them to avoid blows which would otherwise hit. SK-icon-race-KhajiitF.png SK-icon-race-KhajiitM.png
Nord A hardy race that favors giving better in battle than they take—and they are known to take quite a bit. Nord Resilience lowers physical damage done when an enemy lands a blow. SK-icon-race-NordF.png SK-icon-race-NordM.png
Redguard Redguard, common for Ra' Gada, hail from the continent of Yakuda [sic]. They have descended from a long line of warriors and mystic seers. Ra' Gada Spirit reduces damage from a magical attack. SK-icon-race-RedguardF.png SK-icon-race-RedguardM.png
Wood Elf The Wood Elves' lineage is less noble than that of the High Elves, but they have adapted well to Tamriel. Nature's Grace lets them recover Damage quicker while being more effective at casting healing and restoring spells. SK-icon-race-WoodElfF.png SK-icon-race-WoodElfM.png