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This template creates a link to one of UESP's interactive maps for the provided location. It can be used for the Skyrim, Oblivion, Shivering Isles or Morrowind maps (normally the namespace where the template is used automatically determines the appropriate map).


There are three main options available for this template:

  • Map Only – Links directly to the map with no location specified.
  • Place – Links to a place on the map.
  • X,Y – Links to the location's in-game (x,y) coordinates (for example, taken from the construction set or as displayed in the console).
Map Link
Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
label or
optional Text to display in link. Defaults to "(map)". If a place or x/y parameters are explicitly defined, then the first unnamed parameter is the label. Otherwise, the first unnamed parameter is the place and the second, if any, is the label.
search optional You can optionally specify a search to perform at the given location or for the entire map. This is useful when creating a map link for multiple locations or when you want to highlight a specific item near another location. The search parameter may be a word common in several place names (e.g., "Wayshrine"), or a term from the location search tags.
zoom optional Zoom level to use for link. If not provided, map will use its default zoom.
ns_base or
ns (deprecated)
optional Namespace. Defaults to SUBJECTSPACE where template is being used. To override default namespace or to use template outside of standard namespaces, set ns to "Skyrim", "Oblivion", "Shivering", or "Morrowind".
Map Only
No additional parameters. You must use a name for the label parameter in Map Only mode or it will be interpreted as a place.
place required Name of place as shown on UESP's map (typically same as the wiki name of the place). The first unnamed parameter is assumed to be the place parameter if neither place nor x/y parameters are specified explicitly.
required X- and Y-coordinates of location. These parameters must be named to use this option.
world required for ESO worldId, name, or displayName


Code Link
Map Only
{{Map Link|ns=Morrowind|label=Morrowind Map}}
Morrowind Map
{{Map Link|Shetcombe Farm}} or
{{Map Link|place=Shetcombe Farm}} or
{{Map Link|place=Shetcombe Farm|ns=Oblivion}}
Assuming an Oblivion article:
{{Map Link|x=37643.1|y=22760.8}} or
{{Map Link|x=37643.1|y=22760.8|label=view on map}} or
{{Map Link|x=37643.1|y=22760.8|view on map}}
Assuming an Oblivion article:
view on map
ESO with World
{{Map Link|Chill House|world=Glenumbra}}
Assuming an Online article:


{{Map Link|search=Camp}}
Assuming a Morrowind article:
{{Map Link|search=Well|Shetcombe Farm|Ayleid Well near Shetcombe Farm}}
Assuming an Oblivion article:
Ayleid Well near Shetcombe Farm