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Place this template on a category page in order to add a table of contents (links to the start of each letter in the category).


Note: it is left to the user not to use {{CategoryTOC|top=no|numerals=no|uppercase=no|lowercase=no}}, which results in an empty Contents box.

Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
top optional Whether to show a "Top" link which will reset the page and show the full category from the beginning. (yes/no - Defaults to yes.)
numerals optional Whether to show numerals as a group, separate, or not at all. (group/separate/no - Defaults to group.)
uppercase optional Whether to show uppercase letters. (yes/no - Defaults to yes.)
lowercase optional Whether to show lowercase letters. (yes/no - Defaults to no.)
groupsep optional Separater to use between each grouping. (Defaults to "  ·  ".)



This template was originally copied from Wikipedia.