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Location Speckled Shell Plantation
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 2 Health 133

Zaban-ma is a Khajiit standing in the remains of the burned down house situated on his family's moon sugar plantation. He is the son of Yanalir and the brother of Azbi-ra.

After he discovered that Azbi-ra was brewing skooma to help support the family, he became enraged, attempting to destroy her equipment. Unfortunately, in doing this, he burnt down the house as well.


Vestige: "What is skooma?

Zaban-ma: "It is death in a bottle. Distill moon-sugar cane the right way and the crystals make you happy and stupid. Do it the wrong way and you get shaking fits, you foam at the mouth, and then you die."

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  • He wrote down his suspicions in his journal.