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Level 3+ (Veteran Rank14–Veteran Rank16)
Battle Level Veteran Rank15
Skyshards 17
Northeastern High Rock
The Wrothgar Mountains have been home to northern Tamriel's Orcs since the beginning of recorded history. Invading armies have marched into these peaks countless times to suppress the fractious Orcs, but the clans always rise again.

Wrothgar is a region situated in northeastern High Rock, north of Stormhaven. It is the first new neutral PvE zone to be released for Elder Scrolls Online with content for solo players and small groups. Orsinium, the ancestral capital of the Orsimer, is located in the eastern mountainous area within this region. King Kurog has declared Wrothgar as a "truce zone"; all adventurers are welcome, but agents of the Alliance War will not be tolerated here. There is animosity in the region between the followers of King Kurog, who are devoted to the ideals of Trinimac, and the chiefs of the Orcish clans, who follow the Code of Malacath.

It is a DLC zone in which players are battle-leveled to the level of the content.




Farms and Plantations

Caves, Ruins and Mines

Battlefields, Cemeteries and Crypts


Group Bosses

Points of Interest


Unmarked Locations


Reforging Orsinium

Side Quests

Daily Quests

For more information on these quests, see this page.


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  • 1 Watchers Hold - Outside with troll.
  • 2 South of Great Bay Wayshrine on ledge overlooking the water behind a boulder.
  • 3 Southwest of Old Orsinium on ledge near water.
  • 4 West of Merchant's Gate/Southwest of Graystone Quarry on platform in a barrel.
  • 5 West of Morkul Stronghold close to the water on a platform.
  • 6 Exile's Barrow atop with harpies.
  • 7 Northwest of Frozen Fleet in between 2 broken ships in a crate.
  • 8 Forlorn Watchtower, west of atop a cliff.
  • 9 Nyzchaleft Falls just south with ogres.
  • 10 Old Orsinium, east section with spiders in water and glowing flowers.
  • 11 Rkindaleft, In water near the Astrictive Valve.
  • 12 Argent Mine, bottom curve on right.
  • 13 Coldperch Cavern, bottom hallway with harpies.
  • 14 Thukhozod's Sanctum, Hallway opposite entrance.
  • 15 Zthenganaz, ice room, top right of entrance.
  • 16 Nikolvara's Kennel, left of entrance, down the hall with spiders.
  • 17 Watcher's Hold, right after entering with gargoyle.


A map of Wrothgar
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