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Count Verandis Ravenwatch
Location Ravenwatch Castle
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 24 Health (?)
Other Information
Faction(s) House Ravenwatch
Count Verandis Ravenwatch

Count Verandis Ravenwatch is an Altmer vampire who lives in Ravenwatch Castle in Rivenspire. He leads a small team of vampires who have learned how to fight blood hunger and do not kill the people who provide their blood meals. He is involved throughout the main Rivenspire questline.

You first meet him in Shornhelm during the quest Shornhelm Divided, arguing with Countess Eselde Tamrith and Baron Alard Dorell. Countess Tamrith, a keen follower of Arkay, is suspicious of him because of his vampirism and because he used to be friends with Baron Montclair, the instigator of the current hostilities. However Baron Dorell and later, High King Emeric himself, assure you that Count Ravenwatch is loyal to the crown and to be trusted. Ironically perhaps, depending on choices you make during The Blood-Splattered Shield, he may assist Countess Tamrith's sister, Captain Janeve after she is turned by Reezal-Jul.

To some extent, the situation with Baron Montclair is Count Ravenwatch's "fault". Baron Montclair's wife, Baroness Leila, fell ill and was close to death. Baron Montclair wanted Verandis to turn her into a vampire, so that she would live. Leila, however, did not wish to be a vampire, and instead Verandis used an Ayleid relic to cure her. Unfortunately her illness returned, and Baron Montclair forced his wife, daughter, and Count Ravenwatch to locate a more powerful Ayleid relic, the Lightless Remnant. As you later discover from Ayleid spirits, this relic had been corrupted in ancient times, and it was corrupted further when the vampire came into contact with it. This caused the entire Montclair family to become vampires themselves. Leila asked Verandis to kill her rather than live as a vampire, and her decision enraged Baron Montclair to the point where he decided to unleash bloodfiends upon the people of Rivenspire. Count Ravenwatch felt great remorse for his involvement, and issued a Proclamation stating his loyalty to King Emeric and desire to destroy the Lightless Remnant.

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  • You eventually discover that despite Count Ravenwatch's kindness and strong moral code, the "master" who turned him was Molag Bal. This would make him a pure-blooded Vampire Lord.
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