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Outlaws Refuge:
Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge
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Aldmeri Dominion
Malabal Tor
Velyn Harbor
This refuge is the headquarters of the Gang of Scroungers. While "scrounger" has negative connotations in some cultures, that's not the case with Wood Elves—or with Wood Orcs.
A trap door to the Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge

Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge is an outlaws refuge found beneath Velyn Harbor. The hideout is set up in a cave. An access to the refuge can be gained through a trap door hidden behind the Mages Guildhall. Another trap door is located on the eastern outskirts of the town, near water.

Hideout in a cave

A note, Problem Solver For Hire!, can be read at the booth of Galis Andalen. The problem solver himself, Rayan Diel, is wandering nearby. An open letter, authored by Brugagikh "the truthseeker", as he calls himself, can be found at his stall.

The refuge is the headquarters of the Gang of Scroungers.

Residents and Vendors


A map of Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge
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