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Este artigo é sobre NPCs who are vampires. Para the disease's effects on the player, veja Vampirism.

Vampires are NPCs afflicted with Vampirism. The disease causes them to physically change, giving them pale skin and glowing eyes. Vampires are blessed with supernatural powers but their condition makes them vulnerable to sunlight and fire. Vampires are undead and therefore vulnerable to magical effects aimed at the undead.

Most vampires encountered are the bloodfiends, who wander around at night looking for prey, attacks by these creatures has a chance to inflict vampirism. These vampires belong to the bloodline created by the first vampire herself, Lamae Beolfag, known as Lamae Bal and the Blood Matron. They have powers unique to their bloodline as well having the potential for invisibility, a common vampire power, they can also gain mist form and bat swarm, abilities belonging to the pure-bloods of the Volkihar bloodline, another vampire species which is nearly as old as Lamae's. Vampires of this bloodline also become more powerful at night and like other species, their abilities become more potent the longer they go without blood though their regenerative powers become weakened.

In terms of weaknesses, these vampires possess the common vulnerablities to fire, sunlight and silver, however, for some unknown reasons, sunlight does not directly harm them, only spells that harness the sun do. It is possible that the merging of Coldharbour with Tamriel has had an effect on the sun, allowing them to move around unharmed; despite this they still only come out at night. However, according to the author of Noxiphilic Sanguivora, a book about this variant of the disease, the reason why these vampires are not harmed by daylight is because of a deal with Hircine, which instead of a weakness during the day, they are instead strengthened by the night, however, the author describes as just a wild theory. Vampires of this bloodline cannot be turned by a single bite or a drain spell; instead the victim needs to be exsanguinated and then force-fed the blood of the sire.

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