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ON-qico-Normal.png Explore Aranias' past on Silatar.
Zone: Greenshade
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Spinner's Cottage — Take part in Aranias' story.
Quest Giver: Spinner Maruin
Location(s): Silatar
Previous Quest: The Spinner's Tale
Next Quest: Throne of the Wilderking
Reward: Earth-Shaker Staff
416 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 26

The Veiled Heritants plan to harm the Wilderking. If I enter Aranias' past through Maruin's story, I can change her future.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Look into the fire.
  2. Talk to Aranias.
  3. Race to the lighthouse.
  4. Defend the farm.
  5. Find the pieces of Aranias' story.
  6. Change clothes and talk to Aranias in the manor garden.
  7. Listen to the guests.
  8. Talk to Andur in the field.
  9. Talk to Salalin.
  10. Talk to Spinner Maruin.
  11. Watch Aranias' demonstration.
  12. Talk to Aranias.
  13. Talk to Spinner Maruin.

Detailed Walkthrough

In order for Aranias and even you to get to the Wilderking, you have to listen to Spinner Maruin's story. Aranias is currently inside the story. It is the story of her past, although she thinks she is experiencing it for the first time. You will act as her close friend, a friend she never had, and change the person she becomes in the story.

After you ask to hear the story, the Spinner kneels by the fire. You let him know when you are ready and stare into the flames.

"Now picture an island. Trees around the island shimmer in the sunlight; each gently cresting ocean wave sparkles. Many stones, roots, and flowers on the island were shaped by magicka. Only two living Altmer possess such power."—Spinner Maruin

The Island of Silatar

You awaken next to a fire like the one in Spinner's Cottage, but you are actually in a manor on Silatar, a small island part of the Summerset Isles.

Aranias is outside the manor, but she doesn't remember you from Bramblebreach. She wants to spend the time before her parents arrive being carefree and reflecting on "old" memories with you; she thinks you grew up together. After she raised the land under the sea and smashed a ship, her parents—frightened by her powers—left her alone on Silatar.

The Race to the Lighthouse

She challenges you to a race to the lighthouse, but she stops your feet with vines when you get close to passing her. When you accuse her of cheating, she apologizes and says "it just happens." Suddenly, she says she feels a burning pain—the land is in danger. She sees the farm burning and senses that there are invaders on Silatar.

Saving the Farm

The farm is to the east of the lighthouse. You need to kill all the bandits, but Aranias will help you. Talk to her once you finish. She grows suspicious of you, saying you weren't there when her parents "tested" her and that everyone wants to hurt or use her. You reassure her that you only want to help, and she asks you to meet her at the manor later.

Deeper Into the Past

However, you need to speak with Spinner Maruin outside the burned barn first. He says Aranias faced the bandits alone in the past, which made her bitter and vulnerable to outside influence. He has another scene from her past to show you.

"Why are your clothes all wet?"—Indrathel
"Mother! What do you think of this tree? How about the island you're standing on?"—Aranias
"The ground is soaked. I will need new shoes now."
"I made it!"
"What? You made the ground soggy?"
"The island. I made this little island!…These trees, those rocks, none of this was here yesterday. The ground is wet because I used my magic to pull it up from under the water."
"Oh, Ars. What have you done?"

The Spinner says Aranias tried to use her powers to win her parent's affection. He says you should watch two more scenes: one in the lighthouse and one in the manor's great hall. Aranias' greatest challenge was when her parents returned and brought who they believed were the only hope for their daughter—the Veiled Heritance.

The Lighthouse Story

The scene from the lighthouse is at the very top of the lighthouse. Enter the lighthouse, climb the ladder to the upper level and walk toward the right.

Aranias and her parents appear. She is apologizing for lifting a ship out of the ocean. However, her parents do not accept her apology and tell her to leave while they consider her punishment.

The Great Hall Story

This story is inside the manor across from the entrance. Aranias' parents are leaving for the Summerset Isles the next day. Aranias begs them to take her with them, but she is unsuccessful. Her parents promise they will find her a trainer to control her powers.

The Veiled Heritance Arrives

You need to change clothes and speak to Aranias in the garden. Using the dresser in the western room allows you to change into more formal attire.

The garden is behind the manor. Exit the manor and go left, then go north. Talk to Aranias. She sees High Kinlady Estre and thinks her parents want to show off her powers. She asks you to eavesdrop on the guests to find out what they want her to do.

Eavesdropping on the Guests

You need to listen to three separate conversations.

"Her parents invited me to witness her power firsthand. She lifted the ground up under my very feet. Her demonstration today will not be one of skill, but of character."—High Kinlady Estre
"Why are we bothering with this girl and her clods of dirt? Andur could melt them with only a thought. What do they call her? The Rock Witch?"—Ondendil
"Andur has one of the little beggars in the field, away from the house. Aranias will demonstrate her talents on the other."—Vicereeve Pelidil

The Field

Talk to Andur in the field behind the house. The Heritance wants Aranias to demonstrate her talents on a Bosmer. However, he realizes you aren't one of the Heritance and tries to kill you.

After you defeat him, talk to Salalin, one of the Bosmer. He says they took his wife, and he worries "the land will kill her." He dies, and Spinner Maruin appears to the right.

The Spinner says you weren't supposed to be able to kill Andur. You did not kill him in the past, and he had time to grow stronger and more volatile. The Spinner met Andur and believes the Heritance sent Andur to ensure Aranias kills the Wilderking or dies if she fails.

Aranias' Demonstration

Estre goads Aranias into trapping Maelin, the Bosmer woman, in thorns by reminding her of the bandits who burned the farm. Then, she commands Aranias to rip the Bosmer apart.

Talk to Aranias. She believes that if she can kill Maelin she will prove she can make the "necessary sacrifices." She worries that if she doesn't kill the woman she'll be alone again, "the 'Rock Witch of Silatar'." She decides to trust herself to do what's right. She refuses to kill the Bosmer and traps the Veiled Heritance leaders in thorns.

The story ends, and you return to Spinner's Cottage. Talk to Maruin outside the cottage to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Quest Stages

The Witch of Silatar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Maruin
Objective: Talk to Aranias
Objective: Use the Dresser to Change Clothes
Hidden Objective: Eavesdrop on Lady Estre's Conversation
Hidden Objective: Eavesdrop on Ondendil's Conversation
Objective: Watch Aranias' Demonstration
Hidden Objective: Eavesdrop on Pelidil's Conversation
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