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ON-qico-Normal.png Attend a parley with the Imperial Magus-General.
Zone: Bangkorai
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Quest Giver: Wyress Rashan at Jackdaw Cove;
Queen Arzhela in Evermore
Location(s): Evermore, Nchu Duabthar Threshold
Prerequisite Quest: Heart of Evil
Next Quest: Rendezvous at the Pass
Reward: The Negotiator
1 Skill Point
318 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
XP Gain: 4204 (High)
Recommended Level: 38
Queen Arzhela (right) meets Septima Tharn

The Reachmen threat has been averted, but Evermore is still in danger, and Queen Arzhela needs my help.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Report to Queen Arzhela at Evermore Castle.
  2. Talk to Gabrielle and Darien.
  3. Take the portal to the parley site.
  4. Keep watch over the parley.
  5. Get down to the queen.
  6. Return to Evermore.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Stages

The Parley
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Return to Queen Arzhela
Objective: Talk to Gabrielle Benele
Objective: Talk to Darien Gauthier
Objective: Tell Gabrielle to Open the Portal
Objective: Enter Portal to Parley Site
Objective: Go to the Strategic Position
Objective: Return to the Strategic Position
Objective: Queen Arzhela Died
Objective: Get Down to the Queen
Objective: Return to Evermore Castle
Objective: Talk to Queen Arzhela
Objective: Watch the Portal
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