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Subzones are sections of the map smaller than the full Zones, but larger than cities or other settlements. There are three for each major Zone (including Cyrodiil and Coldharbour). In early versions of the beta, when the in-game maps had a different graphical style, these had their own maps. The graphics for these maps still existed in the game data after release, but were subsequently removed. However, the names of the Subzones are still used in some places, and there are still loose divisions within each Zone that correspond to them. For example, each Subzone is contained entirely within the borders of a traditional province, unlike some of the larger zones. Additionally, level-appropriate Subzones are listed in the Grouping Tools interface when searching for a party to quest with, and each Subzone has a Dolmen which shares its name (except in Coldharbour, of course, and Cyrodiil actually has three Dolmens per Subzone). Each Subzone also has its own major quest line, and an Achievement awarded for completing it. While the Subzone quest lines may be related, and form part of the Zone's overall quest line, they are definitely separate, and some can even be done out of order or concurrently (which may seem odd, as many involve the same NPCs, who may be found in both locations simultaneously).

Aldmeri Dominion




Malabal Tor

Reaper's March

Daggerfall Covenant

Alik'r Desert





Ebonheart Pact



The Rift



Neutral Zones



Craglorn is usually divided into Lower and Upper Craglorn, based on when each half was released. However, the questing and geography still corresponds to the three subzones.


Cyrodiil's territories are not explicitly named, but correspond directly to the areas initially controlled by each Alliance in the Alliance War. Each territory also contains a number of smaller named regions. Although the Imperial City is often treated as a separate DLC zone in-game, it is still a part of the Cyrodiil zone and is therefore listed here.

WrothgarCrown Store

Wrothgar has no formal subzones, but is geographically divided into three regions.