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Spider Daedra
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A Spider Daedra

Spider Daedra are Daedric creatures that resemble a cross between a spider and a woman. They attack using a combination of ranged and melee abilities. They are usually found in the service of Mephala.

Skills and Abilities

As they are Daedric creatures, Spider Daedra are especially vulnerable to Fighters Guild abilities.

Summon Spiderling

The Spider Daedra will usually begin combat by summoning a Spiderling to assist it.


The Spiderling has a basic melee strike attack that does minor physical damage.

Spit Webbing

The Spiderling will also spit an immobilizing web beneath the player's feet to snare them. While this does no damage, the Spider Daedra will usually follow up with the Lightning Storm spell.

Lightning Storm

A spell that causes lightning to strike the webbed area, doing moderate shock damage to any player inside the red circle. If the Spiderling is killed, the webbing disappears and this spell will not be cast.

Lightning Onslaught

The Spider Daedra may also cast a spell that sends lightning bolts forward from its body as indicated by red circles. This spell can be interrupted to set the Spider Daedra off balance, and will do moderate shock damage to all players hit by it.


In between casting spells, the Spider Daedra will perform a basic ranged spit attack that does minor poison damage.

Unique Spider Daedra

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