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Sheogorath's Tongue
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Ebonheart Pact
Level 14
Discovery 129 XP
Completion Dungeon Clear
863 XP
Skyshards 1
North of Kragenmoor
In Morrowind there are many shrines to the "Good Daedra": Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala. Far more rare are shrines to the "Bad Daedra," the Four Corners of the House of Troubles: Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal, Malacath … and Sheogorath.
Sheogorath's Tongue

Sheogorath's Tongue is a Daedric ruin in western Stonefalls, north of Kragenmoor.

Related Quests

Clearing the Dungeon

Explore and clear Sheogorath's Tongue.

To clear this dungeon and mark it as complete, you need to kill the following bosses:

ON-misc-Boss 1.png Dezanu
ON-misc-Boss 1.png Calls-to-Nature


There is one Achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Explore Pact.png
Sheogorath's Tongue Explorer 10 Explore and clear Sheogorath's Tongue.


A map of Sheogorath's Tongue
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