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Remnants of Cyrod
The legend surrounding an ancient trove of Ayleid knowledge

When Alessia's rebellion sent the Heartland lords fleeing from their manses, they took their knowledge with them.
While some fled to the fens of Black Marsh and others to the northern reaches, most flew to Valenwood. After many years amongst the Bosmer, they amassed a storehouse of information.
Realizing a need to preserve our knowledge against the ages, they excavated a cavern east of the mighty Strid. There, in its alabaster depths, they carved great halls and sealed them against the ravages of erosion and time.
They summoned our greatest architect to do these things, and a great enchantment was placed upon its walls to stave off putrefaction and decay.
The ruins would stand until the White-Gold Tower fell to dust and bone in the ashes of old Cyrod. They would deliver our memory for generations to come, and seal us as the immortal masters of Tamriel, itself.