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Rahni'Za, School of Warriors
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Level Veteran11
Discovery 716 XP
Completion Objective
7162 XP
Belkarth RegionCraglorn
West of Belkarth
"Who has not heard of the Trials of Rahni'Za? Five they are, each a test of a warrior's mettle, until the hopeful champion is faced at last by the Trial of the True Path. Though many attempt it, few succeed." — The Unveiled Azadiyeh 
Rahni'Za, School of Blades

Rahni'Za, School of Warriors is a sword academy in south-central Craglorn, west of Belkarth.

Overlooking the Rahni'Za Library

Related Quests

  • Rahni'Za, School of Warriors Objective: Find out what happened to the Sword-Disciples of Rahni'Za.

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  • This location was originally called "Rahni'Za, School of Blades".[verification needed — see talk page]


A map of Rahni'Za, School of Warriors
A cave at Rahni'Za
A cave at Rahni'Za
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