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This page details the ten playable races in Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the many non-playable NPC races you can encounter.

Playable Races

There are ten playable races in ESO. Each race has a home province (with the exception of Orcs), as well as an alliance that they are a member of. The races can be organized by what alliance they are loyal to:

Aldmeri Dominion Daggerfall Covenant Ebonheart Pact Other


All playable races have an associated skill line that complements their lore, such as the Dunmer proficiency with fire based magicka. The skill lines also give a bonus to one weapon type which also compliments their lore, such as the Nords bonus to Two Handed weapons.

Alliance Race Skill Max Health Max Stamina Max Magicka Health Recovery Stamina Recovery Magicka Recovery Other Bonus
Altmer (High Elves)
Destruction Staff 10% 9% Increases damage with Cold, Fire or Shock effects by 4%
ON-icon-Bosmer.pngBosmer (Wood Elves) Bow 3% 21% Increases Poison and disease resistance by x;
Decreases stealth radius by 3 meters;
Increases damage done while stealthed by 10%
ON-icon-Khajiit.pngKhajiit Medium Armor 20% 10% Decreases stealth radius by 3 meters;
Increases damage done while stealthed by 10%;
Increases weapon critical damage by 2/5/8%
ON-icon-Breton.pngBreton (Manmer) Light Armor 10% Reduces the magicka cost of spells by 3%;
Increases spell resistance by x
ON-icon-Redguard.pngRedguard (Yokudans) One Hand and Shield 10% 9% Restores y stamina when damaging an enemy with a melee attack (only once every 3 seconds)
ON-icon-Orc.pngOrc (Orsimer) Heavy Armor 6% 6% 30% Reduces sprint cost by 12%;
Increases sprint speed by 10%;
Increases damage done on melee weapon attacks by 4%
ON-icon-Nord.pngNord Two Handed 9% 30% Decreases incoming damage by 6%;
Increases frost resistance by x
ON-icon-Dunmer.pngDunmer (Dark Elves) Dual Wield 6% 6%+3% Increases Flame resistance by x;
Increases spell damage with Fire effects by 7%
ON-icon-Argonian.pngArgonian (Saxhleel) Restoration Staff 6% Increases healing received by 9%;
Increases Poison and disease resistance by x;
Increases swimming speed by 50%;
Upon using a potion, gain 8% of your maximum, health, magicka and stamina.
Any ON-concept-Imperial symbol.png Imperial (Cyrodiils) One Hand and Shield 12% 10% Melee attacks have 10% chance to restore z Health

Many of the above 'other bonuses' do not unlock until player level 25 or above. Details can be found on each race's associated page.

Non-Playable Races

There are a number of other races throughout the game that are not available for you to play as (although some are available as costumes):

Major Races

Technical Races


  • Your choice of Alliance when creating your character, usually dictated by race, is the single biggest influence on how your game will differ compared to other players.
  • The Imperials are only a playable race for those with the Imperial Edition of the game.
  • Reachmen consider themselves a distinct race separate from their Breton ancestry, but they are considered a faction of Bretons in the game.