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Mal Sorra's Tomb
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Coldharbour (Neutral)
Level 50
Discovery 716 XP
Completion Dungeon Clear
7162 XP
Skyshards 1
Bone Flayers, Mal Sorra, Skeletal Defenders, Skeletal Defilers, Skeletal Ravagers
Fist of StoneColdharbour
Southwest of The Orchard
None of the denizens of Coldharbour can actually "die"—all of them, Daedra and Soul Shriven, merely discorporate until they can form new bodies. Why, then, are there so many tombs and graveyards? Because Coldharbour is Molag Bal's plane, and he likes them.
Mal Sorra's Tomb

Mal Sorra's Tomb is a Dunmer tomb in central Coldharbour, southwest of The Orchard. Mal Sorra and the ghost assisting it in combat can be found in the (?) chamber.

Related Quests

Clearing the Dungeon

Explore and clear Mal Sorra's Tomb.

To clear this dungeon and mark it as complete, you need to kill the following bosses:

ON-misc-Boss 1.png Mal Sorra


There is one Achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
Mal Sorra's Tomb Explorer 10 Explore and clear Mal Sorra's Tomb.


A map of Mal Sorra's Tomb
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