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Race Dremora Gender Female
Level (?) Health (?)
Lyranth at the Tower of Lies

Lyranth is an outcast Dremora originally encountered bound inside the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk in Shadownfen, where her essence is being harvested by the Dominion in order to create skin-stealers. You are given the option to free her in exchange for information, or leave her bound.

Regardless of your choice, she can later be encountered at the Tower of Lies, and will help you free the members of the Fighters Guild imprisoned down there. She will approach the Tamrielic expedition outside the Reaver Citadel and offer a way to break the Daedric defences during the quest The Citadel Must Fall. Once inside, she will offer to open the barrier protecting the Endless Stair in return for killing Valkynaz Seris and allowing her banished clan to return to power in Coldharbour.

Lyranth is also found in the Imperial City Prison, where your group must help her defeat Lord Warden Dusk in order to reclaim the animus of her clan.

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