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Leatherworker Leatherworkers are vendors who sell Medium Armor.

Zone Settlement Store Leatherworker
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Skywatch Swift River Outfitters Sircantir
Vulkhel Guard Aegis of Auri-El Ranwe
Grahtwood Elden Root Remarkable Leathers and More Marnub
Haven Artaeum Armor and Vestments Masna al-Satakalaam [a]
Greenshade Marbruk Pact-Wise Leatherworks Mendreval
Woodhearth Waste Not Leatherwear Famronion
Khenarthi's Roost Mistral Bone-Awl Outfitters Firagaer
Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor The Woodsman's Chase Muramil [a]
Reaper's March Arenthia The Steel Pauldron Radreth Daintyfoot
Dune Artisans Alley Calondil [a]
Rawl'kha The March Bazaar Edhelvir
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Bergama Sun's Blessing Tannery Mujwadeen
Sentinel Sentinel Bazaar Lucienne Mavine
Bangkorai Evermore The Slippery Scales Armory Harim the Fastidious
Hallin's Stand Noon Shadow Armor Enri Onfroi
Betnikh Stonetooth Fortress Dockside Trading Stalls Stulga
Glenumbra Aldcroft Zakhaleh's Supple Leathers Zakhaleh
Daggerfall Cergend's Cuir Bouilli Guyseph Cergend
Rivenspire Shornhelm Endless Autumn Outfitters Rasul
Stormhaven Wayrest Lion's Crown Outfitters Amal
Stros M'Kai Port Hunding The Armored Forge Walks-with-Pride
Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen Dhalmora Baskets of Steel Hides-Aplenty
Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Village Lifesaving Leatherwear Maralthon [b]
Deshaan Mournhold Renim's Luxurious Leathers Amila Renim
Eastmarch Windhelm Stormcrag Armorer's Hall Henrik War-Wolf [c]
The Anvil & Pauldron Rogar Tanner
The Rift Riften Leatherwear By Gjudusil Gjudusil
Shor's Stone Rami's Reinforced Leatherwear Rami
Shadowfen Stormhold Nelvani's Battlewear Seritath Nelvani
Stonefalls Davon's Watch War-Worthy Leathers Krastir
Cyrodiil Eastern Elsweyr Gate Armory Merchants Thragnor
Northern High Rock Gate Armory Merchants Adelie Metivier
Northern Morrowind Gate Merchant House Wanders-Far
Southern High Rock Gate Merchant House Zulfan
Southern Morrowind Gate Smithy Monis Drimas
Western Elsweyr Gate Armory Merchants Zadai
Coldharbour The Hollow City Flexible Protection Henrik War-Wolf [a][c]
Craglorn Belkarth Dragontail Outfitters Tarabar
Eyevea Lustrous Leatherwear by Odvar Odvar [a]
^a  Appears at this location after related liberation/restoration quest.
^b  Abandons this location once it becomes overrun by enemy forces.
^c  Has two shops in different zones.