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Kulati Mines
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Daggerfall Covenant
Level 35
Discovery ON-mapicon-Mine.png 341 XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png 341 XP
Completion Objective
2270 XP
Hollow WastesAlik'r Desert
North of Bergama
Gem fanciers will tell you that the finest amethysts come from the Alik'r Desert—and the finest amethysts from the Alik'r come from the Kulati Mines.
Kulati Mines

The Kulati Mines are mines in the central Alik'r Desert, north of Bergama.

Related Quests

  • Kulati Mines Objective: Locate the missing prospectors in the mine.


Kulati Mines Wayshrine

The Kulati Mines Wayshrine is located on a hill to the northeast, overlooking the mines.


A map of Kulati Mines
A map of Naluroen's Web
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