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The Imperial Districts are the battle-torn residential and commercial areas of the Imperial City. Each district is a combined close-quarters PvE and PvP area, with gameplay similar to that in the rest of Cyrodiil. However, Siege Weapons cannot be used in the districts, and there are no structured PvP objectives. There are, however, a limited number of PvE quests available; each district contains one story quest and, when the storyline completed, a repeatable daily quest is unlocked for each district.

Every district has a small Alliance rally point which is accessed from the Alliance Base in the Imperial Sewers, as well as an access point for all alliances into one of the sewer sections. Districts also contain Trophy Vaults which can be opened by collecting a certain number of Trophies from creatures within the city, and three of the districts contain special gear Crafting Sites. Each district contains at least one Patrolling Horror, a powerful boss that drops a large amount of Tel Var Stones. Portals to Coldharbour are also scattered throughout the districts.



  • During development, several districts were designed to be capturable PvP objectives. This feature wasn't present at release, but there are plans to eventually introduce it.


  • Compared to Oblivion, the districts in ESO have been rotated counterclockwise by 30°.