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High Kinlady Estre
(lore page)
Location Auridon
Race Altmer Gender Female
Level Radiant Health
Other Information
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance
High Kinlady Estre

High Kinlady Estre is the Altmer wife of Prince Naemon of Summerset Isle, sister-in-law of Queen Ayrenn, and the leader of the Veiled Heritance under the guise of the Veiled Queen.

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Quest-Related Events

A Hostile Situation

Before you have defeated the traitor: "You must excuse us, we were just talking about the Queen's upcoming speech."

After you have defeated the Heritance traitor, Estre will remark: "Very impressive. Very impressive indeed. Now that I know your face, I'll be sure to watch for future acts of selfless bravery."

And who are you?: "You have the pleasure of speaking with High Kinlady Estre of Errinorne, scion of royal Aldmeri blood and ruler of Skywatch. I'm lucky enough to be married to Prince Naemon, Queen Ayrenn's brother."

Rites of the Queen

When you encounter Ayrenn's entourage camped just outside Tanzelwil, Estre will recognize you: "You're the Queen's new favorite, yes? I recall you from Vulkhel Guard. Good that you're here, I suppose. She'll need the help."

What do you mean?: "Oh, nothing. It's just hard to see how she'll ever gain the trust at the commonry now."
Because the spirits are angry?: "Yes. Some will say that the dead know something we do not. That she's unfit to be Queen. There's nothing to that, as you well know. But it won't stop some from saying it."

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