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For each Campaign in the Alliance War, it is possible for a player to be selected as Emperor. There can only be one Emperor for each Campaign, though there may be multiple campaigns, and thus multiple Emperors. In order to be crowned Emperor, your Alliance must control all six of the Keeps surrounding the Imperial City, and you must be the highest-ranked player in your Alliance. Your ranking is affected by the number of Alliance Points you have, which can be earned by participating in PvP battles. Your crown will be forfeit if your Alliance loses control of all six surrounding Keeps, if another player in your own Alliance moves higher than you in the rankings, or if you leave the Campaign for another.

By becoming Emperor, you also gain a unique costume and the 'Emperor' title. After being deposed, your title will change to 'Former Emperor' but you will still have access to the costume.

Skill Perks

As Emperor, you gain access to several innate Passive abilities.

Innate Abilities

Innate abilities are active all the time, and do not require the investment of skill points.

Name Description
Domination Increases Health, Magicka, and Stamina combat regeneration by 100%.
Authority Increases Ultimate gains by 200%, and decreases Ultimate costs by 5%.
Monarch Increases the magnitude of healing effects on Emperors by 50%.
Tactician Increases Siege Weapon Damage by 100%.
Emperor Increases Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 100% while in your campaign.


  • Before Patch 2.1.4, Former Emperors would retain a weaker version of some of the Passive abilities, but would lose access to the costume.