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ON-qico-Normal.png Help Rigurt obtain the affections of his counterpart.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Rigurt the Brash
Location(s): Morkul Stronghold
Reward: Rigurt's Belt of Courtship
302 Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Rigurt tries to win over Lazdutha's heart

Rigurt the Brash, an odd Nord ambassador, presides over the Ebonheart Pact's diplomatic mission to Wrothgar. But Rigurt has a problem.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Obtain the items for Rigurt's romantic dinner.
  2. Give the items to Rigurt.

Detailed Walkthrough

The items Rigurt wants are scattered over the entire zone. The poem can be obtained from Borasad outside Exile's Barrow. The ale can be obtained from Lum gro-Buzbee at a little tent camp north of Watcher's Hold. The cheese can be obtained from Bulfor the Cheesemonger in the settlement outside Orsinium's north walls (where the Hostel is). The perfume can be obtained from Yatzog, on the road down to Jehanna Docks.


  • Lazdutha is not interested. However, Rigurt may yet find Orcish love. Coincidentally, all the items Rulfala recommended are part of an ancient marriage proposal.

Quest Stages

Cultural Affections
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Rigurt wants me to collect food that Orcs consider seductive so that he can prepare a romantic meal for Ambassador Lazdutha. He has given me Nordic equivalents to trade for Orc cheese and Orc ale. He also wants Orc poetry and perfume – just in case.
Objective: Find Orc cheese.
Objective: Find Orc ale.
Objective: Find Orc love poem.
Objective: Find Orc perfume.
Objective Hint: Ask Rulfala about items.
I collected the items Rigurt needs to prepare a romantic dinner for Ambassador Lazdutha, the Orc he wants to woo. Ii should return to Morkul Clanhold and give him the items.
Objective: Talk to Rigurt.
Finishes quest I should talk to Rigurt and give him the things he needs to prepare a romantic evening for Ambassador Lazdutha.
Objective: Talk to Rigurt.