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ON-qico-Normal.png Enter a giant obelisk and help stabilize its core.
Zone: Craglorn
Objective: Spellscar — Stabilize the Mage's staff before it explodes.
Quest Giver: Sara Benele
Location(s): Spellscar
Reward: Yokudan Box
302 Gold
Recommended Level: 50
Inside the Mage's Staff

A giant object fell from the heavens when the Mage constellation disappeared. Sara Benele is examining the object, which she calls the "Mage's Staff." She believes the staff is unstable and needs my help to fix it.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Bring fire, frost and storm infusions to Sara Benele.
  2. Use the focus crystals.
  3. Enter the portal to Mage's Staff.
  4. Approach the core.
  5. Protect Sara Benele.
  6. Return to Spellscar.
  7. Talk to Sara Benele.

Detailed Walkthrough

When you discover Spellscar for the first time, Sara Benele runs up to you. Her sister, Gabrielle, told her you aren't afraid of danger. Sara wants you to stop the large staff, which the locals call the Mage's Staff, from emitting magical energy. If you don't, it will explode. The staff fell from the sky just before the constellations vanished, and it is drawing every "magic-addicted sorcerer and atronach in the region" to it. In order to stop it, you will need to find a way into its core. This will require a large amount of magical energy. You need to bring three elemental infusions to Sara. Kill the fiends and quickly harvest the infusions (flame, ice and storm). Each person needs to carry one infusion.

Collect Infusions

To collect an infusion, you need to kill enemies near the large black shards, then activate the shard. The shards have different colors to reflect the different element you receive from activating it. The flame infusions are south of Spellscar, the storm infusions are north and slightly east, and the ice infusions are to the west. Once three group members each have a different infusion, head to the quest marker near the Spellscar icon on the map. Sara Benele will only spawn here when you have all three infusions.

You will see a focus crystal for each of the three infusions. Each group member needs to activate their focus crystal. Sara uses a spell on the staff, opening a portal to its core.

Inside the Mage's Staff

You need to make your way to the core and stop it from overloading. However, some atronachs and spellfiends have gotten inside the staff. Defeat them, and head toward the core.

Once you get close enough, Sara will start to disable the core. You need to "protect" her as she does this, so defeat Magdra Tigun, a flame atronach, at the first level; Nomeg Nulu, a frost atronach; and Zymel Ozata, a storm atronach, at the final level.

Take the portal back to Spellscar, and talk to Sara.


  • This quest requires a group of four.

Quest Stages

Critical Mass
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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