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This page lists all the crafting sites in Elder Scrolls Online. Note that these are special crafting stations, where items may be created in sets. Equipping multiple items from the same set will provide an additional bonus. There are additional mundane crafting stations in most cities and many other locations.

Aldmeri Dominion


  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Beacon Falls — An overlook located in northern Auridon, just east of North Beacon. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Eastshore Islets Camp — A small camp located in southern Auridon, south of the town of Silsailen. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Hightide Keep — An abandoned ruin located in central Auridon, on the beach below the cliffs of Skywatch. (map)



  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Arananga — An Ayleid ruin in southern Greenshade, north of the Labyrinth. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Lanalda Pond — A small pond at the base of a crumbling tower in northern Greenshade, north of Dread Vullain. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Rootwatch Tower — A ruin in central Greenshade, northeast of Woodhearth. (map)

Malabal Tor

Reaper's March

Daggerfall Covenant

Alik'r Desert

  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Alezer Kotu — A ruin in the western Alik'r Desert, southeast of Sentinel. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Artisan's Oasis — A camp in the central Alik'r Desert, north of Bergama. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Rkulftzel — A Dwemer ruin in the northern Alik'r Desert, south of Tava's Blessing. (map)



  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Chill House — An abandoned shack in southern Glenumbra, south of the Wyrd Tree. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Mesanthano's Tower — A tower on an island in northeastern Glenumbra, off the coast of Hag Fen. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Par Molag — An Ayleid ruin in northern Glenumbra, north of Cath Bedraud. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Trader's Rest — A camp in southern Rivenspire, northeast from the Oldgate Wayshrine. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Veawend Ede — An Ayleid ruin on an island in northern Rivenspire, northeast of the Staging Grounds Wayshrine. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Westwind Lighthouse — On an island in northern Rivenspire, west of Northsalt Village. (map)


Ebonheart Pact


  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Avayan's Farm — A small farm located in eastern Deshaan, just southeast of the Academy of Shad Astula. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Berezan's Mine — A closed mine located in northern Deshaan, just west of Mzithumz. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Lake Hlaalu Retreat — A lakeside camp located in western Deshaan, just north of the town of Narsis. (map)


The Rift







Hew's BaneCrown Store

WrothgarCrown Store


Mages Guild

Fighters Guild

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