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Contraband items, also known as Treasures, are those that can be found throughout Tamriel by searching in owned containers, pickpocketing, or looting murdered citizens. While being marked as stolen, they can be sold only to fences. Once laundered, contraband items can be sold to any other vendor. However, being bound to your account, they cannot be traded to other players. While many types of items can be found this way, contraband has no other purpose but to be sold or kept in a personal collection. Contraband item value depends on its quality, as is demonstrated in the table below. Items of higher quality are less probable to find.

Item Quality Item Value
Normal 40 ON-icon-Gold.png
Fine 100 ON-icon-Gold.png
Superior 250 ON-icon-Gold.png
Epic 1500 ON-icon-Gold.png
Legendary 0 ON-icon-Gold.png

Legendary treasures cannot be laundered or sold; instead, they are intended to be collected and displayed in the Thieves DenCrown Store, as part of Kari's Hit List.

Treasure Type

Every contraband item has one or more 'Treasure Type' labels. These are only relevant for certain Thieves Guild quests.



  • An item may have a higher chance of spawning in a zone appropriate to it (eg. Alik'ri Glassware in the Alik'r Desert) although there is always a lower chance of it spawning in any other zone.