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Aphren's Hold
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Daggerfall Covenant
Level 23
Discovery 199 XP
Completion Objective
1329 XP
Skyshards 1
Northeast of Wayrest
The inner sanctum of the keep built by the long-dead King Aphren.
Aphren's Hold

Aphren's Hold is a ruined fort in eastern Stormhaven, northeast of Wayrest. The fort was originally called Wind Keep, but was renamed Aphren's Hold when it was conquered by King Aphren. The nearby village kept the original name. The Mages Guild are searching for King Aphren's ancient sword, but the Supernal Dreamers disturbed the spirits of the dead in the fort.

Related Quests

  • Aphren's Hold Objective: Restore King Aphren's Sword.


A map of Aphren's Hold
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