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ON-qico-Normal.png Figure out why Ranser's soldiers haunt the Tor.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Traitor's Tor — Discover the true fate of King Ranser.
Quest Giver: Scholar Cantier
Location(s): Traitor's Tor
Reward: Dathieu's Traitorous Axe
(?) Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold377 Gold
Recommended Level: 27
General Dathieu betrays King Ranser

Undead soldiers have been haunting Traitor's Tor ever since the end of Ranser's War, but no one's ever been able to find out why.

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Quest Stages

A Traitor's Tale
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Escort the Scholar to the Central Tower
Objective: Examine the Skull
Objective: Talk to General Dathieu
Objective: Place Packet in Southeast Tower
Objective: Place Packet in East Tower
Objective: Place Packet in West Tower
Objective: Place Packet in Southwest Tower
Objective: Talk to King Ranser
Hidden Objective: Persuade Captain Taern
Objective: Get the King's Guard to Stand Down
Objective: Observe the General's Meeting with the King
Objective: Talk to Scholar Cantier
Objective: Collect the General's Skull
Hidden Objective: Get Bones
Objective: Collect the General's Bones
Objective: Destroy King Ranser
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