Oblivion:Ysabel Andronicus

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Ysabel Andronicus
(RefID: 00037CDE)
Home City Imperial City, Arena District
Location Arena Bloodworks
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level PC+20 Class Blademaster
RefID 00037CDE BaseID 00037CDD
Other Information
Health 45 + (6+2.2)x(PC+19), PC=1-5
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+19) (max=250)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Essential Always
Faction(s) Arena Champion(Champion Champion); IC Citizens; Arena Bloodworks Dwellers
Ysabel Andronicus in the Bloodworks

Ysabel Andronicus, an Imperial, is the Battle Matron of the Arena Bloodworks; she acts as the Grand Champion's trainer and manager. She can always be found sitting on a stool at the near end of the Bloodworks training room. Initially, she is generally unfriendly and untalkative. However, if you work your way up to Champion of the Arena, she will become the person who arranges the Grand Champion match. Once you become Grand Champion, she will provide you with your cash reward and your own Raiment of Valor. Thereafter, you can continue to schedule matches against various monsters through Ysabel. She is available twenty-four hours a day for the Grand Champion's creature matches.

Ysabel wears a collared shirt, steel greaves, and a pair of rough leather shoes. She is armed with an iron longsword and carries a small amount of gold.

Ysabel describes herself as such: "The Battle Matron serves as the Grand Champion's trainer and manager, among other things. Plus, I get to keep Owyn in line. Works for me." She further explains her superiority with, "Owyn likes to think he's the boss, but without me, this place would fall apart. Who orders the ointment? Who mops up the blood? Me, that's who!" Asking her about Gaiden Shinji results in her saying, "The history books detail his life as a warrior for the Order of Diagna, but he was also the first Blademaster. No Shinji, no Arena. Simple as that." If asked about rumors, she will laughingly describe Owyn's lost interest in her, "Would you believe Owyn once asked for my hand in marriage? It's true! Poor bastard was heart-broken when I turned him down. I'm old, not desperate." If you are looking to begin an Arena fight but have already placed a bet on the upcoming battle (with Hundolin above the Bloodworks), she will halt you with, "You can't fight now! You have a bet down on an Arena match. Look, finish up with our gambling, and then you can fight."

Before you are a member of the Arena, Ysabel will be less than patient with you and constantly rebuff you with, "You again? You're becoming a real pain in my arse, you know that? I thought I made myself clear. You don't belong down here. Now get!", "Start talkin' already!", and even, "Well, what are you waiting for? Get!" Pestering her does reward you, however, as she suggests you speak to Owyn to become a combatant: "And if you're one of those idiots who thinks they have something to prove in the Arena, go over and talk to Owyn." After joining, she doesn't get much friendlier, instead directing you do Owyn: "Listen, sunshine, I ain't in the mood! You want something, talk to Owyn. He's right over there for Shinji's sake!" Arriving in front of her in your Raiment doesn't improve her temper much either, as she scorns you with, "And... Ah, I see. So, you're an Arena combatant. Well isn't that nice. Now get out of my face." Eventually, however, you gain favor in her eyes: once you seek to challenge the Grand Champion, Agronak gro-Malog.

Ysabel finally shows interest in you once you mention taking down the Grand Champion, "If you want to challenge Agronak, go right ahead. He lives down here in the Bloodworks. Do that, come talk to me again, and I'll arrange your match." She'll add, "Just make sure you understand our rules of competition for this match. Fighting the Grand Champion, well... The rules are a bit different." Further explanation follows: "In the event that you beat the Gray Prince, you're to remove his armor and present it to me. Then you'll get your own Raiment of Valor." Speaking to her again results in a cursory, "You again, huh? Look, I told you, if you want to challenge the Gray Prince that's your right. But don't say I didn't warn you." Whether or not you complete Agronak's quest, you have the right to challenge him. Doing so makes her insist that you choose a new battle-name before facing your foe: "Something catchy, something the people of Cyrodiil will remember when they tell stories about your inglorious defeat! So, what's it going to be?" Once you've chosen, she'll tell you, "The Gray Prince is headed up to the Arena as we speak. Go up there and meet him, one Champion to the next. May the Divines have mercy on your soul." Any hesitance results in a harsh, "You'd damn well better be ready! You've got an Arena full of people and the Grand Champion himself waiting for you! Now get up there and fight!"

Once you return victorious, make sure you have Agronak's Raiment. Otherwise, Ysabel will scold you with, "But you need Agronak's Raiment! That's right, just go back to the Arena and take it right from his body! Go get it, and bring it back to me!" After doing so if you haven't already, she'll breathlessly offer you your very own Raiment of Valor: "Okay, do... Do you want a Heavy Raiment of Valor or a Light Raiment of Valor? Your choice!" Finally, she'll shoo you off with, "Now go! Take some time to rest! When you're feeling up to it, come talk to me again and we'll discuss your future!" Returning to her opens up a whole new world of Arena fights, as she pits you against various ravenous beasts. She'll be excited to start you off, saying, "I've had some people out collecting your new combatants. The wilderness is full of 'em! Let me know when you're ready for a match, and it's showtime!" Acquiescing results in her saying, "You're ready to fight? Good, good! All right then, head up to the Arena and give the people a great show!" Pressing her doesn't end well, as she snaps, "Yeah, I know, you already told me. That's why there's an Arena full of Spectators and some hungry creature that wants to make you its lunch!" Returning to her after winning makes you richer and her happier: "Great show, great show! You really brought down the house! Here's your gold. Now get some rest, and I'll see you next week!" Asking for another match before the week is out has her say, albeit reluctantly, "We're just not ready! It takes time to find those beasties and get them back here alive. Remember, just one show a week. Come back some other day."

Ysabel greets the Grand Champion with a specialized message based on the battle-name you chose to fight Agronak with. It is "Well, well, if it isn't the Tamriel Terror! How's our new Grand Champion, huh? You ready to make me some money? Ha ha ha ha ha! Ahem..." with 'The Tamriel Terror' replaced by any of the twelve names on this chart. You may then schedule a fight with various woodland beasts. She'll give you a series of choices, beginning with: "We'll do it like this. You can fight one, two, or three creatures. The more creatures you fight, the more you win. If you survive, that is! Ha ha ha!" Once you've chosen, she'll evaluate your skills and say, "Okay, based on your abilities, here are your choices. Do you want to fight one Bear, two Minotaurs, or one Bear and two Minotaurs?" The creatures used in the latter statement can vary immensely. Eventually, this mini-leveling will end and she will say, "Looks like you've reached your peak. Tell you what, from here on in, you can fight one, two or three Minotaur Lords. So what's it going to be?" That will be standard battle procedure from this point onward. Whatever you choose each time, she will be quite pleased to be running matches for you and say, "You've got it. I'll have the [creature/s] brought out to the Arena. Now get up there and give the people what they paid for!" Hesitate for a moment, and you will see exactly how much Ysabel has changed since meeting you, as instead of shouting she will ask concernedly, "Hey, what's wrong? Aren't they waiting for you up in the Arena?"

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