Oblivion:Ursanne Loche

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Ursanne Loche
(RefID: 0000A116)
Home City Bravil
House Aleron Loche's House
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 10 Class Commoner
RefID 0000A116 BaseID 0000A111
Other Information
Health 94 Magicka 207
Respons. 85 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Bravil Loche family; Bravil
Ursanne Loche reading in the Great Chapel of Mara

Ursanne Loche is a Breton commoner living in Bravil. Her husband Aleron has fallen in with a very bad crowd and gotten himself into serious trouble, and she asks for your help to get him out of it. She wears a pair of belted braies, a belted vest and a pair of sack cloth sandals. She carries a loaf of bread, a copy of Gods and Worship as well as the key to her home.

Quests Given