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(RefID: 00028F9C)
Home City Skingrad
Location The Great Chapel of Julianos
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 16 Class Priest
RefID 00028F9C BaseID 00028F9D
Available 10am-2am every day
Gold 15 Mercantile Novice (6)
Spells Conjuration SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 96 Magicka 337
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Nine Divines Invoker(Invoker); Skingrad Citizen
Tumindil in the Great Chapel of Julianos in Skingrad

Tumindil is an Altmer priest who sells spells at the Great Chapel of Julianos in Skingrad.

He sleeps in the chapel hall from around 2am until 8am and then walks around the chapel for the rest of the day. He offers his services all day, except when sleeping and for the first two hours after waking up.

The other residents of Skingrad are evidently reassured by his presence. "I don't know if Tumindil ever leaves the chapel. That man works day and night to take care of all of us." and "Tumindil does excellent work. I always feel comfortable in his care." are two rumors that express their affection for him, but other residents will tell of his healing ability, suggesting that he shares that job with Marie Palielle. Some will say that "I went to the Chapel to get rid of a rash I'd picked up. Tumindil healed me right away." and others that "It's good to know that if I'm sick, I can head to Tumindil."

Tumindil himself greets new arrivals politely, saying "Blessings of the Nine. My name is Tumindil. I'm the chapel priest. I'm sure you can find your way around the chapel by yourself." When asked about Skingrad he will direct you to Marie for healing and Restoration training: "The Chapel of Julianos is always open for worship and contemplation. Perhaps you should speak to Marie Palielle, our healer and Restoration trainer."

He wears an upper-class outfit consisting of a black and burgundy outfit and gold-trimmed shoes, and holds a few gold coins. Tumindil doesn't wield any weapons, choosing instead to rely on spells from the Conjuration and Restoration schools of magic. These are the same spells you can buy cheaply off him, as his Mercantile is a mere 6.


He sells the following spells:

Spell Name Level Cost Effects
Turn Undead Novice 11 Turn Undead up to level 3 for 30sec on Target
Repulse Undead Apprentice 29 Turn Undead up to level 7 for 30sec on Target
Rebuke Undead Journeyman 70 Turn Undead up to level 15 for 30sec on Target
Dismiss Undead Expert 187 Turn Undead up to level 18 for 60sec on Target
Minor Respite Novice 6 Restore Fatigue 15pts on Self
Convalescence Apprentice 48 Restore Health 15pts on Target
Cure Paralysis Apprentice 50 Cure Paralysis on Touch
Cure Poison Apprentice 60 Cure Poison on Self
Fortify Willpower* Apprentice 42 Fortify Willpower 5pts for 90sec on Self
Heal Major Wounds Apprentice 61 Restore Health 25pts on Self
Major Respite Apprentice 54 Restore Fatigue 80pts on Self
Restore Willpower* Apprentice 29 Restore Willpower 5pts on Self
Cure Disease Journeyman 140 Cure Disease on Self
Greater Convalescence Journeyman 138 Restore Health 20pts for 2sec on Target
Greater Fortify Willpower* Journeyman 102 Fortify Willpower 10pts for 90sec on Self
Heal Greater Wounds Journeyman 92 Restore Health 20pts for 2sec on Self
Heal Superior Wounds Expert 246 Restore Health 25pts for 4sec on Self
Superior Convalescence Expert 277 Restore Health 20pts for 4sec on Target
Heal Legendary Wounds Master 466 Restore Health 30pts for 6sec on Self

* Indicates spells with effects which cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Purchased Spell Notes
  • The magicka cost for most purchasable spells matches the value you would calculate from the Spell Cost equation. In other words, if you were to create the same spell at the Spellmaking Altar, it would have the same magicka cost as the purchasable spell. There are a few exceptions. Spells that are a bad deal, i.e. more expensive than a custom spell, are in red; spells that are a good deal are in green. The magicka cost if you were to create a custom spell at the Spellmaking Altar is shown in parentheses.
  • The magicka cost for spells is dependent upon your skill in the school (as modified by Luck, see Magic Overview). The provided baseline values are the magicka cost when your skill level is 33. For other skill levels the magicka cost can be determined from:
Cost * (1.4 - 0.012 * Skill)
  • More powerful spells cost more to buy, have a higher skill requirement, and consume more Magicka.
  • Level indicates what skill level you must reach (or surpass) in order to use a spell. Skill Level 0-24 = Novice, 25-49 = Apprentice, 50-74 = Journeyman, 75-99 = Expert, 100 = Master.
  • The base cost in gold that you must pay to purchase a spell is always three times the current magicka cost of the spell, taking into account your character's skill level and Luck. (The actual cost you pay is further increased based on how well you haggle with the merchant.) Therefore, if you have any Fortify Skill or Fortify Luck spells/potions handy, you can get significantly better deals when purchasing spells.