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(RefID: 000091A2)
Home City Kvatch
Location Chapel of Akatosh
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level PC+3 Class Warrior
RefID 000091A2 BaseID 00028034
Other Information
Health 50 + (6+3)x(PC+2), PC=2-12
Magicka 75 + 1.5x(PC+2) (max=250)
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Refugees in the Kvatch Chapel; Kvatch Guards; Kvatch citizens
Tierra in the chapel in Kvatch
Tierra reporting to Savlian Matius

Tierra is a Redguard warrior serving in the Kvatch Guard. She can be found sequestered in the Chapel of Akatosh with Martin and the other trapped refugees. Later on, she will help you and Savlian Matius liberate the city.

Tierra wields a steel shortsword and is equipped with the standard Kvatch cuirass along with iron boots, gauntlets, and steel greaves. She only carries a few pieces of gold.

As one of only two Kvatch Guards inside the besieged Chapel of Akatosh, Tierra tries her best to help the surviving civilians and never allows herself to eat nor sleep. When you enter the Chapel for the first time, the worried guard will approach you and ask: "What's it like out there? We were beginning to fear we were the only survivors." When asked about Kvatch, she will provide her take on the invasion and blame herself for the countless casualties: "It... it all happened so fast. It was all we could do to round up the survivors and try and get them to safety. We've failed them miserably." If you approach her again, she will add: "A whole city, just.... lost. How did we let this happen?"

After having closed the Oblivion Gate outside Kvatch and cleared the area near the Chapel, you will have to be accompanied by Savlian Matius before Tierra will move anywhere: "The area is clear? Then as soon as Captain Matius gives the order, I'll escort the civilians to safety." When you arrive with the Captain, they will have a small conversation, starting with Savlian Matius requesting a status report:

Savlian: "Report, soldier."
Tierra: "Sir, we're all that's left. Berich Inian, myself, and these civilians."
Savlian: "That's it? There's no one else?"
Tierra: "There were others, sir. But they refused to stay put. We tried to convince them it was dangerous, but they left anyway. I guess they didn't make it."
Savlian: "Very well. The area outside the Chapel has been cleared, and these people need to be taken to safety. Escort them to the camp south of here at once."
Tierra: "But, sir! I want to help fight!"
Savlian: "You will, soldier. Once they're secure, get back here immediately. We'll need every available blade, and there'll be plenty of fighting to go around."

Tierra escorting the civilians to safety

Tierra will then obey with a "Sir, yes sir!" and gather the survivors: "Civilians! It's time to move out! Let's go!" and lead them all the way to the refugee camp south of Kvatch. If approached during this short trip, she will say: "Excuse me. I need to take these people to the encampment." When everybody is safe in the camp Tierra will stay there until you talk to Savlian again and agree to help him with another task. She will then rush back to the Chapel, eager to participate in the Battle for Castle Kvatch. Inside the Chapel, Tierra will patiently wait until have talked to Berich Inian about the Guard House Key. Only after you have raised the gate, Tierra will join the other Guards in the battle outside Castle Kvatch. When the first area inside the Castle is clear, she will rush back to the Chapel of Akatosh and stay there indefinitely. She will spend the remainder of the game idly wandering the chapel, occasionally chatting with any Imperial Legion Soldiers who survived the related quests.

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  • If you leave the chapel before Tierra finishes talking to Savlian, she may not escort the civilians back to the encampment. The civilians will still return on their own, however.
  • After helping to clear the Kvatch Castle Great Hall, Tierra is supposed to guard the castle entrance with Savlian. However, her previous AI package takes precedence and she instead returns to the Chapel of Akatosh.