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Porkchop (RefID: )
Home City Imperial City, Arena District
Location Arena Bloodworks
Species Boar Soul Lesser
Level 5 Type Animals
RefID BaseID
  • 24pts melee
Other Information
Health 150 Magicka 0
Respons. 0 Aggress. 10
Essential Until the start of the Arena Champion match
Faction(s) Arena Bloodworks Dwellers
Porkchop the boar
Porkchop in the Arena

Porkchop is a boar that lives at the Arena. He can usually be found in an inaccessible cage in the Arena Bloodworks. In your last Arena fight against the Yellow Team, Owyn sends Porkchop up to help you. Porkchop is quite a decent fighter, and may be able to single-handedly kill one of your opponents. After the match he disappears from the game, even if he survives.

Related Quests

  • Arena: Battle your way through the ranks to become the "Arena Grand Champion".