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Ayleid Ruin:
(view on map)
# of Zones 2
Orc Adventurers
(1 boss-level Undead)
Important Treasure
1 boss-level Ayleid Reliquary
Console Location Code(s)
NiryastareExterior, Niryastare, Niryastare02
Gold Coast
Far north of Anvil, between Varus Camp and Last Chance Camp

Niryastare is a medium-sized Ayleid ruin northwest of Kvatch containing undead. It contains two zones: Niryastare and Niryastare Silaseli.



Key to Maps
Map of Niryastare Exterior
  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel -44, 7
  • This location's map marker (M on map) is named Niryastare (editor name NiryastareMapMarker). The entrance door is NNE of the marker, 40 feet away.
  • 1-2 Campsite Bandits (each 50% probability melee Bandit, 25% archer Bandit, 12.5% Bandit Hedge Wizard, 12.5% dog) are near the entrance
  • 0-1 Bones Undead is near the entrance
  • The following plants can be found near the entrance: 6 Aloe Vera plants, 14 Bergamot plants, 12 Fennel plants, 6 Ginseng plants, 10 Mandrake plants, 3 Tiger Lily plants, 1 Viper's Bugloss plant, and 3 Goldenrod plants

Zone 1: Niryastare


You enter the zone at the door marked Out. You go down the stairs, turn the corner in either direction, and down the next flight of stairs. This places you in the main room of the zone where you will find an unguarded Ayleid Cask in front of the southeast exit. Be careful to avoid the four smoke traps in the center of the room marked as T on the map. Continue through the southeast door to the southern room. In here you will find two undead enemies. These undead are close enough that the odds are you will need to fight both at the same time. Loot the Ayleid Cask near the southwest corner of the room and return to the main room.

The most efficient route from here is to continue along the western wall and enter the second zone through door D. You will most likely return to the first zone through door C.

If you return to zone one through door C, continue down the hallway/balcony and fight the undead enemy. There is an Ayleid Cask on the left [north] side of the hallway just before you reach the stairs. Be careful because the undead enemy located below you may be able to detect you. Go down the stairs and out into the northern room. Kill the undead enemy and loot the Ayleid Cask. Exit the room through the eastern door and follow the hallway to a locked gate at E. You should be able to fight the enemy in the next room from the hole in the gate using either ranged or spells. Pick the lock and enter the room. There are four Welkynd stones and two Ayleid Casks to loot. Path back to the door marked Out and you're done.

You may also choose to pick the lock at E and enter zone 2 through door C. Doing this allows you to reach the Orc Adventurer [if present], the Varla Stone, and the boss level undead with the boss level Ayleid Reliquary. However, you will be unable to access the rest of the zone as there is a gate which must be remotely opened from the other side. You will miss three Ayleid Casks if you choose to skip the rest of the zone. If you have already cleared the eastern room, you may also simply jump down from the balcony to land near the entrance.




  • 4 Gas traps at location T on map

Doors and Gates:

  • There are three doors in/out of this zone
  • 1 Gate at E (locked, hard lock)

Zone 2: Niryastare Silaseli

Niryastare Silaseli

If you opt to enter through door C you will find a fairly straightforward route to the boss, but will be unable to continue through the zone as the gate at E can only be opened remotely from the other side. Thus, I suggest entering the zone through door D. Straight ahead there is a bridge with two undead standing on it. You may move forward to the first gap in the walls but do NOT go further. Use ranged attacks to draw the undead to you and fight them on your side of the bridge.

The bridge is the home to a spiked barrier trap. In case you have not seen one of these before, it is a metal grated wall that slides horizontally across the bridge. If it hits you, it will hurt. After the undead are really dead, backtrack to the opening on the south side of the hallway behind you. There is an Ayleid Cask on the ground to be looted.

Continue back up the stairs and approach the point where the spiked barrier trap stops. Wait for it to be in front of you and turn off sneak if you have it on. When the gate moves away from you run to the first ledge on your right. Pause there and wait for the gate to move past you. You want it to be between you and door D. As soon as it has passed you, run to the end of the hallway. There is a pressure sensor in front of you on the floor that opens the next gate. If you are careful to stop before you step on it, you can kill the occupants of the next room through the hole in the gate using ranged or spells. Feel free to turn sneak back on if you wish.

If you turn left at the dead end, you can kill another undead and loot an Ayleid Cask. Turn around and head north down the hallway. There will be another undead to kill and another Ayleid Cask on your left. On your right you will see a push button which opens gate E. Before you open gate E, go down the hallway and check to see if you can kill the boss through the gate - he may path to where you can kill him using ranged and spells. A note of caution - start with a mild spell because he may reflect your spells back at you! If that is the case, you may wish to either ranged attack or open Gate E and melee him.

Loot the Ayleid Reliquary and continue up the stairs. You will find a small room with the Varla Stone and two Ayleid Casks. If the Orc Adventurer is present, he will be here at O. Continue up to door C and re-enter the first zone.




Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at C and D) in/out of this zone, both leading to the zone Niryastare
  • 2 Iron Gates (opened remotely) at E and F