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Added by Fighter's Stronghold
Home City Battlehorn Castle
House Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith's House
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 6 Class Smith
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Available Always
Other Repairs Repairs
Other Information
Health 100 Magicka 82
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Essential Yes
Faction(s) Faction for Battlehorn NPCs
Niels in the Blacksmith's House

Niels is a Nord smith who lives in the blacksmith's house in Battlehorn Castle. He has a pet wolf named Hjalti, who can sometimes be found following his master around.

Niels lives an active life as the castle smith. He gets out of bed at 6am, and has three two-hour meals throughout the day: breakfast at 8am, lunch at midday, and dinner at 8pm. He goes to sleep at midnight. During his free time, he can be found relaxing in his house or getting some fresh air in the courtyard of the castle. However, his normal schedule won't begin until the attacking marauders have been defeated. Before then he will stay inside his house, not daring to even sleep.

Niels wears a typical blacksmith's apron and matching pants, with rough leather shoes. His only other possession is about 5 gold.

The Battlehorn Castle blacksmith's house is in Battlehorn Castle's courtyard, in the northern corner next to the Dwemer forge. It holds two barrels, two crates, a chest, and a cupboard that all contain clutter. A pair of laced leather pants sits on top of Hjalti's kennel. A copy of the Armorer skill book Heavy Armor Repair sits on the floor under the dining table, which holds two leeks, two pears, and a sample of foxglove nectar. On the table in front of the fireplace sit three bunches of grapes, two cinnabar polypore red caps, an alkanet flower, and a piece of beef. All of the containers in the house respawn.