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Contracting a disease weakens specific skills or attributes of your character. Disease effects will remain active until cured with a potion, spell, or an altar or wayshrine. With few exceptions, diseases drain your attributes and should be cured as soon as possible. One particularly notable and somewhat unique disease is Porphyric Hemophilia, which will turn your character into a vampire three days after contracting it. Multiple disease effects will stack together. Although beggars carry diseases, they will only infect the player when attacked. This is rare however, given that all beggars have low aggression and therefore tend to flee instead of fight. Also note that diseases cannot be spread by the player.

The following table lists each disease, its symptoms, and the creatures or beggars that spread it.

Name Effect Carriers
Astral Vapors Damage Magicka 15pts, Stunted Magicka, Weakness to Magic 25% Dread Zombies
Ataxia Drain Strength 5pts, Drain Agility 5pts Zombies, Imus the Dull, FimmionSI, BolwingSI, BhishaSI
Black-Heart Blight Drain Strength 10pts, Drain Endurance 10pts Headless Zombies, Fralav the Faker
Blood lung Drain Endurance 5pts Rats, Rancid Ra'dirsha
Bone Break Fever Drain Strength 5pts Rats, Foul Fagus
BrainRot [sic]* Drain Strength** 5pts Rats, Nigidius the Needy
Brown Rot Drain Strength 5pts, Drain Personality 5pts Zombies, Penniless Olvus
Cannibal's PrionMR Drain Agility 20pts, Drain Intelligence 20pts Consuming Msirae Faythung's Beating HeartMR
Chanthrax Blight Drain Agility 10pts, Drain Speed 10pts Boars, Headless Zombies
Chills Drain Intelligence 10pts, Drain Agility 10pts, Drain Willpower 10pts Headless Zombies, Cosmus the Cheat
Collywobbles Drain Strength 10pts, Drain Endurance 10pts, Drain Speed 10pts Headless Zombies, Wretched Aia, No-Coins Draninus
Dampworm Drain Speed 5pts Deer, Zombies
Droops Drain Agility 5pts Sheep, Zombies
Elytra Hatchling diseaseSI Drain Fatigue 50pts Not in game
Feeble Limb Drain Strength 5pts Rats
Greenspore Drain Personality 10pts Slaughterfish, Zombies
Helljoint Drain Agility 5pts, Drain Speed 5pts Wolves, Zombies, Simplicia the Slow
Porphyric Hemophilia Drain Fatigue 5pts, Vampirism (after a three day incubation period) Vampires, Beating HeartMR, the Darkness Eternal quest
Rattles Drain Agility 10pts, Drain Willpower 10pts Headless Zombies, Fetid Jofnhild
Red Rage Drain Strength 5pts, Drain Willpower 5pts Rats, Nigidius the Needy
Rockjoint Drain Agility 10pts Zombies, Bruccius the Orphan
Rust Chancre Drain Personality 5pts, Drain Speed 5pts Zombies, Jorck the Outcast
Scalon BlightSI Drain Endurance 3pts, Weakness to Fire 25pts, Weakness to Frost 25pts Scalon BrutesSI
Scalon FeverSI Drain Endurance 2pts, Weakness to Frost 25pts Diseased ScalonsSI
Scalon SunburnSI Drain Endurance 4pts, Weakness to Magic 25pts Hulking ScalonsSI
Serpiginous Dementia Drain Intelligence 10pts, Drain Personality 10pts, Drain Willpower 5pts Headless Zombies, Luckless Lucina
Shakes Drain Agility 5pts Rats, Foul Fagus
Swamp Fever Drain Strength 10pts, Drain Endurance 10pts BaliwogsSI, Mudcrabs, Headless Zombies, Lazy Kaslowyn, Ragbag Buntara
Ticklebritch Drain Endurance 5pts, Drain Personality 15pts A hoe in Sundercliff Mines, if Mehrunes' Razor is installed
Tunnel CoughMR Drain Sneak 15pts Laborers in Sundercliff Watch
Witbane Drain Intelligence 5pts Dogs, Zombies
Wither Drain Strength 5pts, Drain Endurance 10pts Mountain Lions, Headless Zombies, Nermus the Mooch
Witless Pox Drain Intelligence 5pts Rats, Rancid Ra'dirsha
Yellow Tick Drain Strength 5pts, Drain Speed 10pts Black Bears, Brown Bears, Headless Zombies, Puny Ancus, Deeh the Scalawag

* BrainRot is spelled without a space, despite being two words.

** Judging by its name, BrainRot was probably intended to Drain Intelligence instead.

  • Characters with Resist Disease abilities are less likely to be infected.
  • Astral Vapors ignores disease resistance. Therefore, characters with 100% Resist Disease and 100% Resist Magic (eliminating the possibility that a Weakness to Disease effect could be added) can still be infected with Astral Vapors.
  • Similar to Astral Vapors, Porphyric Hemophilia ignores disease resistance as well.
  • Black-Heart Blight and Chanthrax Blight are watered down, common disease variants of Morrowind's Blight Disease
  • Ticklebritch is present in the game even without Mehrunes' Razor being installed, but is used nowhere in the game world.
  • Contracting Ticklebritch from a hoe is likely a lewd joke on the part of the developers ("ho" being a slang term for prostitute). The disease's name alludes to its intended nature as an STD.


If you have a disease, townspeople may say one of the following things to you:

  • "You don't look well, my friend. You should seek a healer."
  • "Have you been to a Healer recently? Because you don't look so good."
  • "Whatever you've got, I don't want it. Head to the Church before you get me sick."
  • "Get away from me. I don't want whatever you've got!"
  • "Are you well? You look a bit pale."