Oblivion:Heavy Armor Training

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OB-qico-Training.png A retired soldier wants you to find a present for his beloved before he will train you.
Quest Giver: Varnado or Valus Odiil at The Best Defense or in Chorrol
Location(s): Roxey Inn
Reward: Master Heavy Armor Training
ID: TrainingHeavyArmor
Required Items: Silver Pitcher and four Silver Glasses
Required Level: Heavy Armor skill of 70
Pranal woos the woman of his dreams.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Once you have a Heavy Armor skill of 70, speak with Varnado in the Imperial City or Valus Odiil in Chorrol.
  2. Retrieve the items for Pranal at the Roxey Inn and give them to Malene in order to receive training.

Detailed Walkthrough

From: "Your Secret Admirer"

The only advanced trainer who can give you the master training reference necessary to start this quest is Varnado in the Imperial City. Valus Odiil, although not a trainer, will also provide the reference.

To receive training, Pranal first asks that you buy Malene (the Roxey Inn's publican) a gift. He is her "secret admirer" of sorts, and wants you to find a silver pitcher and four silver glasses. He gives you 50 gold to cover the expenses, but there is no requirement that you must buy the items. You can steal the silver pitcher from almost any home, although the silver glasses can be harder to find.

Some places to find the items are:

  • The Chorrol Mages Guild has more than needed to meet these quest requirements, and you can grab them without stealing once you've joined the Mages Guild: one of each lies on the table next to the entrance door, two of each on one shelf and three more glasses on another shelf in the second floor library. An additional silver glass can be found on a table nearby.
  • In the "Chapel Hall" area of each city's chapel (except for Kvatch).
  • The pitcher and all four glasses can be found in Alval Uvani's house in Leyawiin. If you've killed him for a Dark Brotherhood quest (or just on principle) you can find his house key on his corpse.
  • One option is to steal the glasses and pitcher from the bedroom of Countess Arriana Valga in Castle Chorrol which contains five silver glasses and two silver pitchers. This task is made somewhat easier if the Canvas the Castle quest is active, as it gives you a key to the private quarters, allowing you to sneak around unchallenged.
  • Norbert Lelles in Lelles' Quality Merchandise (Anvil Docks) happens to have exactly four silver glasses and one silver pitcher for sale.
  • Novaroma in Bruma has three silver glasses for sale.
  • Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Imperial City has a total three silver glasses for sale.
  • Thoronir in Imperial City has a total three silver glasses for sale.
  • These items can be found for free in the ruined Castle Kvatch.
  • Rosethorn Hall's dining room has six silver glasses on a shelf against the south wall and a silver pitcher on the table.
  • In Chorrol, three Silver Glasses and a Silver Pitcher can be found in Francois Motierre's house, while a fourth Silver Glass can be purchased from Northern Goods and Trade.
  • In Skingrad, in the West Weald Inn, there are two silver glasses on the counter, two silver glasses on a table and five silver glasses in the cupboard, that's total of nine silver glasses, also there is a silver pitcher on each table. An additional five silver glasses and two pitchers can be found in Sinderion's cellar underneath the inn.
  • The Tiber Septim Hotel also has a large collection of silver glasses and pitchers that could be "borrowed" for this quest.
  • Umbacano Manor contains the necessary items.

After you bring back the items, Pranal asks you to give them to Malene.


  • The Unofficial Oblivion Patch renamed the "silver glass" to "silver cup" but didn't change any of the quest dialogue or stages. This didn't affect the quest except to make it slightly confusing which items to gather.
  • Before the Nothing You Can Possess quest is initiated, the Roxey Inn is pretty crowded. The room upstairs, first door on the left, initially belongs to Pranal, but one of the other guests will steal it, forcing him to wander around the inn until 6am, when the bed becomes available.
  • Sometimes Malene will only take one glass leaving you three afterwards.

Journal Entries

Heavy Armor Training (TrainingHeavyArmor)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've been told that if I want additional training in the use of Heavy Armor, I need to find a man named Pranal, who was last seen at the Roxey Inn.
20 Pranal has asked me to buy a gift for Malene, the owner of the Roxey Inn. I need to find a silver pitcher and four silver glasses and bring them to him.
30 I need to give Malene the silver pitcher and four silver glasses as a gift.
40 I should tell Pranal that I've given Malene the gift he wanted her to have.
100 Finishes quest I've done all that Pranal has asked of me, and he has agreed to teach me what he knows about Heavy Armor.
200 Finishes quest Pranal has died, which means I cannot be taught more about Heavy Armor.
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