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This page lists all of the castles in Cyrodiil.

Castles are either near the guard barracks or house the barracks themselves. All castles (except Skingrad Castle) have a great hall with a throne on which the Count/Countess sits. Next to the great hall are the dining rooms, the kitchens and the petty servant quarters. The private quarters are usually found upstairs, which also house the wealthier servants. The royal quarters usually have a reception area before leading to the main bedroom. Castles are well guarded with patrols day and night.

Anvil Castle — In the southern half of Anvil, on an island outside the city. (map)
Castle Bravil — On Bravil's southeastern island, separate from the rest of the city. (map)
Castle Bruma — On the west side of Bruma. (map)
Cheydinhal Castle — On top of a hill in the northeast of Cheydinhal. (map)
Castle Chorrol — A castle in the northeastern part of Chorrol. (map)
Kvatch Castle — At the northwestern end of Kvatch, surrounded by a moat. (map)
Castle Leyawiin — On the eastern side of Leyawiin, next to the Guard Barracks. (map)
Castle Skingrad — A castle located just outside Skingrad. (map)