Oblivion:Brenus Astis' Journal

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Various Studies on the Fauna of Cyrodiil
Fragments of a scholar's notes on the fauna of Cyrodiil

[much of this journal has become unreadable]

...the Cyrodiilic Rat appears less aggressive than its counterpart in various other provinces. They are prevalent in all parts of Cyrodiil, equally at home in basement dwellings, caves, ruins, or grasslands. They are known to carry disease, and their bites can be painful....


...though once thought to be intelligent. They are social creatures, often appearing in groups numbering twenty or more. The largest male dominates this clan structure, and seems to have breeding rights with all females of reproductive age. Younger males will often challenge the older, dominant males in a fight to the death. Their horns locked, the two minotaurs will wrestle until one can no longer continue. This often....


...called "Billies" by many of the local farmers. But, is this so-called "land dreugh" actually of any relation to the sea-dwelling dreugh? There certainly seem to be similarities in morphology, especially in the region of the head and thorax. And they produce the same "dreugh wax" found in the aquatic creatures. However, while true dreugh are known to be cunning, even intelligent, these "land dreugh" demonstrate none of the same intelligence. They are violent and aggressive, killing indiscriminately.

Some believe them to be of Daedric origins, perhaps related to the Spider Daedra. That, however, is not the opinion of this researcher. It appears more likely that the "land dreugh" are a distant relative of the true dreugh, perhaps an ancestor from far back on the evolutionary timeline....


Much has been made of the fact that trolls can be killed only by application of fire, whether it be by spell or torch. This is, in fact, a myth. Trolls do seem to have a weakness to fire and fire-based spells, and a fantastic ability to regenerate tissue, but they can be killed by conventional means. One should note, however, that trolls should absolutely not....

[The rest of this journal is unreadable.]