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A Brown Bear encountered within the Jerall Mountains

Bears are large, hostile creatures that will attack you if found infringing on their territory, and can typically be found in the wilderness or in caves. They are impressive creatures, much larger than the average adventurer, especially when standing up on their rear feet. Bears also have two main types of attack: biting, or standing up on the rear legs and mauling you with their paws. They are also not terribly fast in speed or agility. All variations of bears have a 20% resistance to frost and also have a 10% chance to transmit the Yellow Tick disease, which deducts both your speed and strength attributes.

Bear Variations

While the stronger bear variants will not appear until after you've reached the levels shown, you will continue to meet low-level versions even at high levels. You can still encounter all variants at least two levels earlier as boss-leveled creatures.

Black Bear

A Black Bear

Black Bears are typically the first variant of bear encountered within Cyrodiil, starting at level 9. They can typically be found inside of caves or deep within forested regions. Unlike their counterpart, the Brown Bear, they are smaller in appearance and are significantly weaker. However, they can also be summoned by nearby Spriggans and can be looted for their pelts if encountered in the wild.

Creature Lvl Drops Health Sta. Attacks Soul
Black Bear
7 Bear Pelt 150 200
  • 22pts, Melee
Black Bear
Black Bear
^a  This variant may be invisible when encountered near Fort Caractacus.
^a  This variant may only be summoned by Spriggans (see notes for further information)

Brown Bear

A Brown Bear

Brown Bears are encountered as early as level 16, and unlike their earlier variation, are much stronger and larger in comparison. Apart from caves and forested regions, they are found in areas of snow and higher altitudes, such as in the Jerall Mountains. Brown Bears cannot be summoned by nearby Spriggans, but they can still be looted for their pelts.

Creature Lvl Drops Health Sta. Attacks Soul
Brown Bear
14 Bear Pelt 330 240
  • 44pts, Melee
^a  This variant may be a possible opponent in the Arena Grand Champion matches at level 14.

West Weald Bear

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Both Black Bear and Brown Bear variants
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The West Weald bear variations can also be encountered as either Brown Bear or Black Bear variants, but are confined to the West Weald region and can only be looted for their bear fangs during the related quest.

Creature Lvl Drops Health Sta. Attacks Soul
West Weald Black Bear Cub
1 West Weald Bear Fang 20 100
  • 6pts, Melee
West Weald Brown Bear Cub
4 75 185
  • 12pts, Melee
West Weald Black Bear
7 150 200
  • 32pts, Melee
West Weald Black Bear Den Hunter
10 250
  • 45pts, Melee
West Weald Brown Bear
14 400 275
  • 55pts, Melee
West Weald Brown Bear Den Hunter
17 550 325
  • 70pts, Melee


  • If you are wearing the Boots of the CrusaderKotN, only standard Black Bear and Brown Bear variations will no longer attack you. All other variations will still attack as usual.
  • Usually only Spriggans have the ability to summon Black Bear variants. However, with the Spell Tomes add-on, it makes this spell available to you as well.