Oblivion:Bay Roan Stables

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Bay Roan Stables
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Proprietor Isabeau Bienne
Console Location Code(s)
Nibenay Valley
Just north of Bravil
Bay Roan Stables

Bay Roan Stables is a stable north of the city of Bravil.

It is one of two places where you may purchase a Bay Horse, the other being the Grateful Pass Stables at Skingrad.

NPCs Living Here

Bay Roan Stables People
Antoine Branck
Isabeau Bienne Bay Horse


  • A handbill advertising the stables is listed in the Construction Set, but cannot be found in-game. It would have read: "Bay Roan Stables has what you need. Horses, horse, horses. Don't be content to walk. Ride with style on a Bay horse from Bay Roan Stables."