Oblivion:Alteration Training

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OB-qico-Training.png Prove to an Argonian master you are worthy of further training.
Quest Giver: Abhuki or Athragar at Faregyl Inn or at the Chorrol Mages Guild
Location(s): North of Bravil
Reward: Master Alteration Training
ID: TrainingAlteration
Required Level: Alteration skill of 70
Tooth-in-the-Sea heads into Niben Bay for some quiet contemplation.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Once you have an Alteration skill of 70, speak with Abhuki at Faregyl Inn or Athragar at the Chorrol Mages Guild to learn who can train you further.
  2. When you have acquired the recommendation, speak with Tooth-in-the-Sea for master training in Alteration.
  3. Prove yourself worthy of master training by surviving three hours underwater.

Detailed Walkthrough

Ready for More?

Once you have leveled up your Alteration skill to 70, head to Faregyl Inn, located northwest of the Inn of Ill Omen, or to the Chorrol Mages Guild and ask either the Khajiit publican Abhuki or the Bosmer spell merchant Athragar about further training in Alteration. They will tell you that the only one that can train you further is Tooth-in-the-Sea, an Argonian who enjoys swimming in the waters of Niben Bay.

Searching Niben Bay

Tooth-in-the-Sea can be found north of the city of Bravil on the coast of Niben Bay; his encampment is slightly east of the Flooded Mine. He will only give you his challenge before 1pm and while he is swimming in the bay; otherwise he will tell you to wait until he has found his favorite spot. Once you have spoken with him, he will let you know how you can prove you are worthy of his training.

The Test

Tooth-in-the Sea at the bottom of Niben Bay

You need to stay underwater for three hours in-game (about six minutes in player time) without wandering too far away from him. There are several ways to accomplish this:

Once three hours have passed, Tooth-in-the-Sea will approach you and agree to train you further in Alteration.


Journal Entries

Alteration Training (TrainingAlteration)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 To learn more about Alteration, I must find Tooth-in-the-Sea, who lives north of Bravil, near Niben Bay.
20 Tooth-in-the-Sea has told me I must prove myself; I need to meet him out in Niben Bay during the day.
30 I must remain with Tooth-in-the-Sea for three consecutive hours if I am to prove myself worthy of his training.
100 Finishes quest Tooth-in-the-Sea has agreed to teach me what he knows about Alteration magic.
200 Finishes quest Tooth-in-the-Sea is dead, making it impossible to further my training in the skill of Alteration.
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