Morrowind:Tenim's Bounty

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Kill the outlaw Rels Tenim near Vos.
Quest Giver: Hrundi at Wolverine Hall
Location(s): Wolverine Hall, Vos, Ahemmusa Camp, Shallit
Next Quest: Sujamma to Dunirai
Concurrent Quest: Berwen's Stalker
Reward: 200 gold
Disposition: +15 (Hrundi)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Fighters Guild)
ID: FG_TenimBounty
Required Rank: None
Rels has a big sword and is not afraid to use it

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Hrundi in the Wolverine Hall Fighter's Guild for your orders.
  2. Take a boat to Vos.
  3. Head north to the Ahemmusa Camp.
  4. Go to Shallit.
  5. Kill Rels Tenim.
  6. Return to Hrundi.

Detailed Walkthrough

The Orders

Hrundi in the Wolverine Hall Fighter's Guild asks you fulfill the bounty on an outlaw Rels Tenim near Vos (given at the same time as the Berwen's Stalker quest).

Finding Rels

Speak with just about anyone in Vos, which is west of Tel Mora, to find out that the Ahemmusa Tribe might know where he is hiding. The Ahemmusa Camp is directly north of Vos (you visit it during the Main Quest and it might be marked on your map). Speak with anyone in the camp (you may need to persuade them first) to find that Rels may be in Shallit, on a small island southwest of Ald Daedroth (or roughly northwest from the camp). Shallit can be tough to find, but it is basically northwest of the camp as indicated, on the north side of the small island just before you reach the large one. Note: you can also take the boat to Dagon Fel and head southeast to find the small island. This way does cost some cash but is usually less time-consuming.

Rels' Hideout

If you run through Shallit quickly, you'll find that Rels is nowhere to be found. In the cavern just after you enter the cave, look up and to the south and you'll see a hidden ledge (you might notice it on your map as well). You'll need to levitate to get up there and you should be able to find a potion or two lying around in the lower cave if you don't have that ability handy. Once up, you'll quickly encounter four of Rels' friends (Giden Nelvilo, Brevasu Heran, Vilval Relvani and Muvrulea Daryon) before you meet the well-equipped Rels himself. There's a good amount of loot to be picked up here (gems mostly) so look around.

Return to Hrundi for your 200 gold reward.



  • Speaking to the Wise Woman, Sinnammu Mirpal, of the Ahemmusa Tribe about Rels Tenim will open the dialog option "cross the water", which will in turn open "accompany you" and allow you to get Sinnammu Mirpal to follow you, expecting to get to Ald Daedroth. If you allow her to follow you, she can potentially be killed, thus possibly disrupting your current status in the Main Quest.

Quest Stages

These Codes can be used along with the Journal Console Command and Quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

Tenim's Bounty (FG_TenimBounty)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Hrundi mentioned that he had a contract for the outlaw Rels Tenim. If I find Rels Tenim who was last seen in Vos, and bring him to justice, there is a reward of 200 gold.
40 I was told that Rels Tenim left for an outlaw hideout to the north. I was told that the Ahemmusa might know where he is hiding.
60 I was told that Rels Tenim is in the outlaw hideout Shallit which is on a small island southwest of Ald Daedroth. To get there, I should travel northwest from the Ahemmusa Camp. If I come to an old Dwemer ruin, I have traveled too far.
100 Finishes quest Hrundi thanked me for bringing Rels Tenim to justice and gave me 200 gold.

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