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# of Zones 1
Necromancer, Undead
Console Location Code(s)
Bitter Coast, [-7,-3]

Shal is a small cave north of Hla Oad on the west coast of Vvardenfell.

Telura Ulver's hideout

Located just north of the ruins of Ashurnibibi, this cave is the hideout of Telura Ulver who is well guarded by some leveled undead.

Telura is a necromancer who was expelled by the Mages Guild. The various tools in the cave suggest that she is also an accomplished alchemist.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Telura Ulver Female&F Dunmer Sorcerer 17 151 176 90 90

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Mages Guild


  • Telura's loot includes a complete set of Master Alchemy Apparatus, some leveled alchemy apparatus in chests, a locked chest with various alchemical ingredients, a locked Wooden Chest with 26 different potions, a Quality Potion of Fire Shield, a Standard Fortify Health Potion, and a copy of the Alchemy skill book Song of the Alchemists.
  • There is also a Scroll of Dispel on target on the table.
  • In addition to the various ingredients found in the cave, there is a barrel that contains random ingredients in the hollow stump outside Shal.


Interior map of Shal