Morrowind:Ranis Athrys

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Ranis Athrys (ranis athrys)
Home City Balmora
Location Guild of Mages
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 10 Class Nightblade Service
Training Mysticism (54)
Alteration (48)
Illusion (48)
Spells Alteration SpellsIllusion SpellsMysticism Spells
Other Information
Health 73 Magicka 100
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Mages Guild 7(Wizard)
Ranis Athrys

Ranis Athrys is a Dunmer nightblade and Wizard in the Mages Guild. She serves as Guild Steward of the Balmora branch. Ranis demands respect from those who come under her authority. Due to this, some lesser mages like Ajira dislike her as a leader.

Ranis seems to naturally distrust mages not from the guild possibly due to the fact her parents were killed by a previous archmagister of House Telvanni, as mentioned by Llathyno Hlaalu. Most quests given by Ranis involve the affairs of other mages, meaning the conversion or destruction of mages outside the Guild.

Ranis is wearing an expensive robe with a matching ring and shoes. She is carrying a steel tanto. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows the following spells: Crushing Burden Touch, Great Burden of Sin, Heavy Burden, Fifth Barrier, Sixth Barrier, Strong Feather, Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather, Tinur's Hoptoad, Concealment, Far Silence, Shadowmask, and Soul Trap.

Additionally, she is also one of the people who will let you join the guild, as well as a medium trainer in Mysticism, and a minor trainer in Alteration and Illusion. You must be at least a conjurer in the guild to access her services.

Quests Given

Mages Guild

Related Quests

Mages Guild


  • bet with Galbedir: "Yes, I know all about their bet. I did the same things when I was an apprentice. You might as well do what Ajira asks."


  • Little is known about Ranis' background other than she was born into an upper class Dunmer family, possibly from House Hlaalu. Her parents were murdered at the hands of a previous archmagister of House Telvanni, which gave Ranis a natural sense of hate and distrust for people practicing the use of magicka - no matter at what level - outside the Mages Guild. One possible reason for her joining the Mages Guild, apart from natural magical ability, was to cause as much damage to House Telvanni as possible.
  • It is possible to get Ranis kicked out of the Mages Guild by letting both Itermerel and Tashpi live (during the Escort Itermerel and Kill Necromancer Tashpi Ashibael quests, respectively) and then reporting her as the spy during Catch a Spy to Trebonius Artorius.


Ranis has the following spells for sale:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Crushing Burden Touch 30 Burden Burden 60 pts for 10s on Touch
Fifth Barrier 150 Shield Shield 50 pts for 30s on Self
Great Burden of Sin 30 Burden Burden 40 pts for 10s on Target
Heavy Burden 30 Burden Burden 40 pts for 10s on Target
Sixth Barrier 180 Shield Shield 60 pts for 30s on Self
Strong Feather 25 Feather Feather 50 pts for 10s on Self
Tinur's Hoptoad 30 Jump Jump 20 pts for 10s on Self
Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather 25 Feather Feather 50 pts for 10s on Self
Concealment 90 Invisibility Invisibility for 90s on Self
Far Silence 30 Silence Silence for 10s on Target
Shadowmask 83 Chameleon Chameleon 40-70 pts for 30s on Self
Soul Trap 6 Soultrap Soultrap for 60s on Touch